I'm gonna eat you little fishy.....

“Alright!” Jay suddenly stood “That sounds like the best idea we're likely to hear in this meeting, so anyone who's coming: You've fifteen minutes to gather your stuff and meet in hangar one. We depart in thirty!”
He strode from the room, several other crew members following in his wake
“Now, just wait a minute!” Seymour near shouted “Who do you think is chairing this meeting!?”
“It's adjourned” Cass smirked as she strolled past him “You coming?”
<end snip>

Seymour fumed for a few seconds, watching as everyone apart from him and Efof left, and then, turned to face the alien, and snapped “Come on then! Lets go!” and gestured behind him to indicate that Efof should push him in his wheelchair.
Efof happily obliged, too stupid to realise that he was being used.
Over the past few weeks, a lot had happened, the ship was slowly, but surely being repaired. The group were getting along well, even Jay and Justin to an extent, and things were happening. Seymour and Jay still vied for leadership, but as no-one listened to Seymour anyway, Jay had for all intents and purposes become the de-facto group leader. It didn’t mean much, it just meant that when the group couldn’t agree on a course of action, they pretty much went with whatever Jay said.

Plus, it helped that when something needed doing, Jay would step in and get it done, while Seymour would make himself a cup of tea and stand back and tell everyone else what to do.

And so it was that, everyone followed Jay to the shuttle bay.

Thirty minutes later, a starbug, recently rebuilt from a hotch-potch of parts from other shuttles, was hurtling out of the shuttle bay and toward the ocean world.

“Y’know…” said Jay, at the controls “It occurred to me…”
“What’s that?” Phil asked
“Well….this is an ocean world right?...”
“So it’s salt-water…”
“I guess…”
“But the aquanauts lived in what was our drinking water…”
“So they couldn’t have survived even if they made it to the planet…all that time, their whole goal, was hopeless…”
“I guess yeah…”
“Seymours beating himself up about it all….but there was nothing anyone could have done…”
“You wanna lighten the mood a bit?” Phil snapped “Jeez, talk about depressing, you’ve been hanging around Cass too much, her ‘sunny disposition’ is rubbing off on you…”
“Sorry” said Jay glancing at a console “But I’m not sure I can lighten the mood…”
“What do you mean…”
“The scanners picked up life on the planet…”

<tag! – We’ve met the Eniram before, they’re an underwater race who were in a war with an avian species who shared their homeworld, and we got caught in the middle, siding with their enemies the Aerons and destroying much of their cities. Later, their homeworld was destroyed by Evil Jay, we met a colony of them again later during the Krylon war when they, and the Aerons allied with us, ending their war once and for all, but do they still harbour some resentment for us?>

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