A small problem

“Phil…wasn’t the chrono-field meant to only engulf the Raven?”
“Cos you’ve brought the whole bloody Blue Dwarf with us!”
“Jay…they don’t have stealth…” Hoshi said “The STCP defenses will blow them apart….”

<end snip>

A item Hoshi was carrying started to beep .well, not beep more started to play "Yakkity Sak".

There was what can best be described as a pause from all. Hoshi had a "..arse...forgot about that " look.

"Who the bloody hell knows we are here...?" asked Jay with a panicked look on his face.

"Don't panic, it's just my alert tone. Phone just picked up a message for me, don't worry we're still in the clear...."

"We better be, last thing we need is someone homing in the signal"

"The cloak is fine..there's only 4 people in the known universe who could crack the code needed to brake into this..and 3 of them " Hoshi said, pointing at Jay and Phil and himself.

"...are inside the field, so unless the small bastard has a link to something in here he can't get a signal."

"I wonder why the defenses haven't activated yet..." asked Katrina

"it's because as far as the system cares..the Dwarf doesn't appear to exist."

"Phil..how'd you know that?" Jay said.

"Wasn't me.. i was finishing off this sub.." Phil waved the sub in jay's face. He knew that the travelers would pay later for Phil's choice of snack.

"It was you..i bloody heard you" Hoshi was starting to panic. There was only two people he knew who sounded like Phil.

"No..i think you'll find it wasn't me" corrected Phil, bit of sandwhich

"oh for for the love of ..."

A small flash of light appeared then unfolded. Revealing someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to Phil, but was about 1/8th his size and appeared to be sporting a rather snazzy evil looking goatee beard.

Phil dropped his sub, Hoshi swore, Katrina blinked


MP bowed and smiled

"At your serviceeeeee" he grinned.


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