Speaking of infections...

“It’s the fleas that spread the disease” Cass frowned, making sure she kept well away from him “But I don’t think we should take any chances – We need to quarantine ourselves and get dosed up with antibiotics as soon as is practical”
A nearby explosion rocked the base
“What the hell was that?”

The explosion rattled the air vents above especially, which, coincidentally, the now conscious Jacky Kong was crawling around in just above. He crashed through an opening in the vents into the view of the group below. Jacky was in poor condition, as it would seem. His hair was somehow even messier, and his goggles were fogged and had to be kept around his neck, with all the movement he was previously doing. The air vent was remarkably cold when he had started, which he might not have minded much except that he had to crawl through a tube which was made of metal, and suddenly, at one point, it became remarkably hot. He despised hot. He was sweating incredibly, and his skin was sticky underneath his sweat-stained lab coat. One minor thing to mention as well: His pupils were orange. He whipped up from the ground and looked at the group.

"Oh hey guys, didn't mean to drop in so soon. I heard you guys talking about infections! Well, I happen to have one." Jacky said to them.

"What?!" Seymour stated with partial confusion and partial surprise.

"Which reminds me, why are you guys so afraid of the plague? There's got to be a vaccine or cure or SOMETHING on this ship! JMC just looooove to have all the fancy medical equipment, AND! I just so happen to remember getting a vaccine when I was young against the plague! Or maybe that was the Chicken Pox... Anyway, I-"

"Slow down and explain!" Cass exclaimed.

"Okay, okay. Remember when I got herbs for Seymour's stupid little feast? Well, when I did, I also came across a pretty little orange plant, which I kept in my coat pocket. It was quite a bad idea-- maybe a good one, but the point is, it let off some fumes or something that heavily infected me, turned my eyes orange, making me act all funny, and for some reason made me think the best way to find you was via the ventilation system, which, as it turns out, was correct, since you're on lockdown, I think."

The others gave a moment's thought, and backed away from Jacky.

"If you've got an infection, why did you come to the crew?!" Screeched Seymour.

"That's a very good point!" Jacky said with a smile on his face. "But you can't open the doors and kick my sorry smegging behind out, since if you do, those bloody rats will get in! Anyway, the plant is dead."

Jacky pulled out the almost entirely decomposed plant.

"Apparently I used it up when I became infected. Still, I recommend you not come near me, since I don't know how this disease or whatever it is spreads, if it spreads at all."

"What's wrong with you?" Asked Alex. "What are the symptoms? How do you feel?"

"My eyes are orange, I'm feeling whoozy, but I think that's temporary, and my senses have become heightened, I believe." Jacky replied. "some of them, anyway."

"Is that true?" Said Seymour, hoping to use this.

"No. Actually I'm in incredible pain and moving is incredibly difficult. I think I may pass out again, and I may just vomit. Please don't come anywhere near me, because this is smegging awful." Jacky responded. "There's only one positive, which is that I can see a new color."

"We have to have him quarantined." said Cass.

"No, no, it's okay, I'll just go pass out in the corner." Jacky responded, moving into the corner. "In case I don't make it, I want to be buried with my goggles. Also, Efof, I like your hat. Alex, you need a haircut. Cassandra, I much prefer your full name. Seymour, you're... you're...."

"A what?" Seymour asked

"A smeg-head..."

Jacky passed out.

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