Jacky goes wacky

Decision made, Solvay turned to Jay, ready to escort him to his quarters. But he'd gone.
"WHAT THE SMEG, PANCAKE!?" He strode out of the drive room, making sure to smash Justin's undamageable, but very hurtable, head into the wall on his way past.
"Aarghh! W*nker!" He heard the holo wail, as he swooped down the corridor, in pursuit of Jay.

Jacky saw Justin get smacked in the face, and smiled with delight. Justin had still not forgotten about Jacky's taunting from earlier, and began to move over to punch him.

Jacky stopped smiling and went dead serious and cold.

"Justin..." began Jacky

"Yes?" Replied Justin.

"How did he just touch you?"

"I'm hard light again." Justin appeared smug as he said this.

"The ship can only maintain one hard-light hologram, Justin."

The room fell with a dead cold, and even Seymour, who hadn't been paying much attention, stopped dead with realization. Jacky's face turned to rage.

"Where did Jelena go, JUSTIN?" Jacky demanded, having guessed the answer.

"I... I..." Justin started.

"No, let me try a better question. Justin, what happened to you?"


"What, over the course of your life, turned you into such a self-absorbed, idiotic, SMEG HEAD?"



Jacky did not get angry like this often, but this was special circumstance. Jacky and Justin stared deeply into one another's eyes for quite some time. Justin attempted to maintain a strong look, but couldn't maintain it. Jacky's was full of simple disdain.

"I believe I owe someone an apology." Said Jacky, calmly. Jacky stepped, casually, with his arms behind his back, over to Seymour.

"I used to think you were the biggest smeg-head on this ship, Seymour, and I'm deeply sorry."

"Oh, well... thank you." said Seymour.

"You don't deserve that wheelchair, Seymour. But..."

Jacky turned and glared at Justin.

"Do we happen to have another one in storage?"

"I suppose we do." Said Seymour, turning to look at Justin.

"... I'll be right back." Said Jacky.

Justin and Seymour sit in the room for about 20 minutes, not knowing of where Jacky had gone. Eventually, Jacky had indeed returned, with a bucket of strawberry Ice-cream in hand, and in spoon.

"Sorry I took so long, I had to pick between this and cookies n' cream." Said Jacky, somewhat cheerfully.

Justin was confused, but let out a sigh of relief. Jacky went on.

"The thing about strawberry ice cream that I love so much is how its so basic, but so delicious. It's a bit gratifying in that respect, I think... do you want any, Seymour?"

Seymour didn't want ice cream at the moment, and nodded accordingly.

"How about you, Justin?"

Justin didn't think. A common theme. Justin was excited to try out his sense of taste from his new hard light body, and went forward, taking the spoon and bucket from Jacky. He was just about to put the spoon to his lips when Jacky slipped a wrench from his coat and smacked Justin in the upper left thigh.

Justin fell to the ground in pain, and Jacky wailed on his left foot and right knee with the wrench.

"How does it feel to be hard light, Justin?"

Justin sobbed in pain.

"I'll go find you a wheelchair... as soon as you finish all of that ice cream."

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