Thinking about the past, and new meetings

Where: Promenade

White Wolf was wandering around trying to get some of the images of the Sex Gelf shapeshifters out of his mind. It was after all a bit of a dead give away when several of them looked like the women Roo (rodents) who were long since deceased, but he fondly remembered as they tried romancing him and tried repeatedly to get him to marry them. And it gave him the most pause when he recognized one of the shapeshifters as his (almost forgotten) human holo wife and console officer aboard the Blue Dwarf, Allie Fletcher.

"God, she was one really hot red head." muttered White Wolf to nobody in particular as he walked around the shops, "And boy, do I really miss those good ole' days! I was certainly in my prime then, and not like now, where I feel like some lecherous old fart gallivanting about the cosmos like Mini Phil with..." and He stopped himself, as he remembered another human female which he recognized from his distant past. Her name was Floppsie, a very aptly named courtesan that his security buddies brought into the barracks way, way, way back when he was still human.

He shook his head as his thoughts momentarily drifted off to those exciting days of his youth, and then he felt momentary regret at not giving in to the many ladies back on Roo, "Damn. I was friggin idiot..."

Then he caught wiff of some tasty jerky hanging from one of the Non-Roo rodent vendor carts nearby. He tried to find out what kind of meat it was from the Non-Roo Rodent vendor, but after a couple of rather unfruitful exchanges with the rather evasive fellow. He figured it wouldn't matter - After all, he did get that genetic T-rex stomach mod back on Roo so that he could eat practically anything and not have to worry about it. And for survival reasons too. Outliving civilizations had enough challenges as it was without having to starve to death.

He shook his head again, and thought "Enough with the bad memories!". And bought the weird meat jerky, and began nibbling at it while walking off.

Holly suddenly popped up on a nearby monitor and said, "The Sex Gelf are revolting."

"Your not so daisy fresh yourself, Hol." Replied the Rotund Hamster between nibbles.

"And Phil is running naked in the corridors."

"I find it best to not get involved in Phils Sexcapades. Particularly after some of the things Mini-Phil tried to do to me." Quipped the Six Foot, One inch Hamster, while finishing the last of the jerky & smacking his lips.

"Blimey. You've got a right point there. But, what about the gelfs?"

"Same answer for the same reasons, Hol." Said White Wolf, while pausing to examine a flower display on a nearby cart.

"Fair Enough." Replied Holly, "Wait, you think I stink?"

White Wolf picked a flower and began to eat it, before replying, "Well, I suppose humans wouldn't be able to smell of metal cancer, and that's why you haven't heard anyone else complaining about."

"I got Cancer? Where?" Asked Holly concernedly.

"Well, just about bloody everywhere you've got circuitry on this ship, Hol - You are waayy overdue for a complete systems turn over & maintenance overhaul. I'm a little surprised you haven't gone, as Phil would say, 'Tit's up'."

"What can we do?"

"Make do, I guess, since there is no Earth shipyards facility to go back to as far as I know."

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you - a non-human intruder just boarded."

"There, you see. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about." Replied White Wolf, "Gimme a visual, let's see whether whether it's anything to get excited about or if I should have naked Phil deal with it."

Holly disappeared from the monitor and was replaced with a view of Candice walking in her sapphire hued evening gown and High heels.

White Wolf let out quiet wolf whistle and said "She's pretty. Is she another Sex Gelf, Hol?"

"No." Replied Holly.

"But she isn't human, either? Show me the raw sensor read outs."

Again, Holly was replaced on the wall viewer, with numbers, charts and graphs this time.

"Is fate or the universe playing some kind of really cruel joke & laughing at me?" Thought White Wolf as he studied the sensors, "Here I'm just regretting passing up companionship, and a companion model synthetics suddenly shows up!" He face pawed himself, then after a few moments, He squared his shoulders and said "Well Holly, I guess I better go find out if I'm going to get myself killed again." And set off to go meet up with Candice Kane.

“Candice Kane. Repairing my vessel and seeking to expand my horizons. Who are you are what are you doing here?” It seemed the logical question to ask. She was a little annoyed herself that his greeting wasn't more cordial and lingering. Perhaps she should have gone with something in green….?
{end snip}

The Oversized Hamster saunters in, nodding to Jacky Kong, before turning toward Candice extending a right paw, "Hello there, Miss Kane! I'm White Wolf. One of the many Ex-Captains here aboard the JMC Blue Dwarf. And, as you can see for yourself, we're not a normal your normal Mining ship. One can say that we're more of a group of survivors trying to -", He paused and nervously scratched his left ear as he suddenly felt a little embarrassed standing before her, "Well survive... I guess."

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What will Candice think of a overgrown Hamster?

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