Huzzard Buzz.

“So … anyhow, you mentioned that this was a mining vessel. You don’t suppose there is employment available here while my ship repairs herself?”

"Employment?" Jacky repeated. "I guess."

"What do you mean?" Candice asked.

"What I mean is that I can't talk right now. Very sorry. I have to go save my insane naked friend before he's captured by GELFs. White Wolf will fill you in on the little annoying details of it, I'm sure. Bye. Sorry. Bye."

Jacky ran off to the corridors, accidentally leaving his copy of Fellowship of the Ring on the floor, and leaving Candice and White Wolf behind him.

"Smeg." He muttered to himself, as he often did, "Jay's going to eat me alive for this."
Phil had gotten very far, or at least, Jacky thought he had. Phil had been wandering for about 2 minutes now, but Jacky couldn't find him at all.

"Left, right, right, left, right..." Jacky muttered, trying to retrace his steps.

Jacky looked up. "What an odd doorway." He thought. "I feel like I know it well."

He did know it well, as he soon realized, it was the Huzzard door, and it was opening. Jacky felt, at first, happy. This was the correct way, he was retracing his steps correctly. Then fear set in. A Huzzard stepped out and stepped toward him, Jacky pinned himself to the wall, paralyzed with fear.

*sniff sniff*

The Huzzard stood tall and went back inside, leaving the door open, and waiting for Jacky to come inside. Jacky silently took the Huzzards invitation and entered. The door was shut behind him. Jacky was inside the Huzzard den. He was doomed now. Jacky braced himself for an attack... which did not come. At one point, Jacky stepped right up to a Huzzard, and it ignored him. He got his foot stuck in a trap, like before. They let him out and walked away. The Huzzards seemed to...

"No, its too crazy." Jacky said to himself. "They couldn't possibly."

The Huzzards had believed Jacky to be one of their own.

It was only when Jacky saw them eating a particular orange flower that Jacky figured out why.

"This is incredible. I have to tell someone."

Jacky ran out of the Huzzard den and frantically ran through the corridors.
Phil is still naked.

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