Samurai World

They were surrounded by a bright, white light.
"suppl......ies?" Jay finished. Looking around, he was standing in large open field. Jaxx and Davie were gone, but Jacky, Bedge and Efof were nearby.
"What the hell just happened?" Jay snapped
"Oi durno filfy ooman" Bedge replied "Oi wos kleenin' da toylerts an next fing oi nuoo oi wos 'ere..."
A loud noise was heard coming from over the brow of a hill.
And the same noise from the other direction.
Suddenly hundreds of sword-weilding horsemen converged on them from both directions.
"Smeg! Not this place again!" Jay sighed.
"What?" Jacky asked "Where?"
"It's the battle of Hastings!"
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Jaxx was blinded by the light as Jay was ranting and suddenly everything stopped. Jaxx looked around and only saw Davie. Davie was a bit freaked out as he asked, "What the Smeg is going on?" Jaxx looked around and took a big wiff before answering, "I dunno bro but it smells real enough." Davie was still getting his bearings when he looked at Jaxx with concern, "Where the Smeg is Jay?" Jaxx shook his head as he replied, "I can't smell him. He must be far away if he is here." Davie asked, "Any ideas which way we should be heading?" Jaxx looked around and used his shark sense then looked at his compass on his watch and said, "I sense life and movement 5 clicks due northwest. Maybe we will get lucky and run into Jay.” Davie nodded.

The two men began running at the direction Jaxx pointed at hoping to find Jay. The land was very new to Jaxx as he had never seen the green barkless trees or trees with pink leaves before. The two men ran swift and bold as they tried to find their missing leader. Suddenly they reached a hill and saw several samurai were chasing after a woman and a large bug. Davie looked at the woman and said, “Candice?” Jaxx looked at Davie and asked, “Do you know her?” Davie answered, “Yes but she was killed when the GELFs attacked on the ship.” Jaxx didn’t hang around for the rest of the conversation as he bolted off at the samurai like a crazed hunter. The flying bug tried to escape the samurai as it kept shooting a blue light at them while the woman fled.

The bug then flew at Jaxx as fast as it could then right past him. The woman tried to keep up but was sliced across the back and she fell to her knees. This action angered Jaxx tremendously as he shot the attacking samurai in the face and then ran his claw into the heart of the faceless samurai and hurled the corpse at the oncoming samurai like a rag doll. Jaxx then began clawing through their armor like it was paper. Davie quickly took aim and began picking off the samurai in the open as Jaxx mauled the ones up close. The fight didn’t last that long as they clearly out classed the samurai in skill and firepower. As soon as Jaxx turned around the small flying bug flew and hugged Jaxx’s face and began kissing him. Davie ran down to meet up with Jaxx in the distance, as Jaxx remained motionless as he looked at the bug. Davie slowed down as he saw something on Jaxx’s face and prepared for another fight. Jaxx held up his palm to tell Davie to stop. The bug slowly turned around and smiled at Davie. Davie dropped his jaw as he recognized the face. Davie blinked as he saw a 6-inch tall Cassandra Jones with dragonfly wings.

The little pixie smiled and looked at Davie, “Hey Davie what happened to your robot implants?” Davie was dumbfounded as the fallen woman slowly got up wincing in pain and staggered to the group. Davie recognized her as Candice Kane. Jaxx mumbled, “Can you get off my face please?” The pixie let go of Jaxx and hovered in front of him and said, “Well hello to you to stranger. Hey?? You look almost human Jaxx. What did you you do?” Jaxx and Davie looked confused at each other. Then Candice said, “Thank you for your help. We would have perished had you not shown up. Those warriors already killed off Nathan and Efof. We barely got this far before they found us.” Davie asked, “You mean they killed Nathan and Efof? How? And I thought Nathan was killed by a Huzzard.” Candice replied, “ Well Nathan could not move fast in his wheel chair and Efof moved real slow since he is a large penis with limbs anyway.”

Jaxx and Davie giggled at first till Davie realized something, “Heeeeyyyy. Wait a minute. Jaxx I think they are us from an alternate universe.” Jaxx looked confused and said, “A What?” Davie looked at Candice and asked, “What color is your ship?” Candice replied, “Are you referring to the Green Dwarf or the Red Midgets?” Then Davie said, “In our world the Dwarf and Midgets are both blue.” “Ohhhhhhhhh”, said everyone in unison. Jaxx asked, “So since you know us, who are you?” Candice spoke up as she adjusted despite her injury, “My name is Candy Kane and I am a pleasure droid.” Then the pixie spoke up and said, “I am former Captain Cassie Jones of the Hymenoptera and very close friend of Commander Jaxx of the MACOs.” Then Cassie winked at Jaxx who was confused. Then Davie said, “Wow you look different from the Hymenoptera from our time. How do you know Jaxx?” Cassie smiled and said, “Well my people were on the verge of being wiped out by the Brefewino till the MACOs showed up led by Commander Jaxx. Jaxx led his MACOs to victory and helped make our planet part of the JMC Alliance. It was then that I resigned my post as Captain of the guard to be by Jaxx’s side.” Davie said, “Wow well I’m sorry to say, but we are just as out of place as you.”

Jaxx finally spoke up and said, “Well I guess we can travel together till we find more people or more answers.” Then Jaxx saw the back wound on Candy and asked, “Are you going to be ok with that wound? Candy responded, “Yes my nanos can fix the damage but it may be a while.” Davie spoke up and said, “Well I guess we are walking from here.” Cassie sat on Jaxx’s shoulder and held on as she stared blissfully at Jaxx. The four slowly made their way to where Cassie and Candy lost their shipmates.

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