Then Jaxx looked at Davie and gave him a thumbs up. Davie nodded then held up 3 fingers and used them to count down to 1. On 1 the two men quickly entered the room to see nothing but a long hallway with many doors on the walls. Both men looked at each as they took a deep breath and slowly began walking down the hall.
<end snip>

"Hurgh" murmered Jay. He groggily opened his eyes, and was immediatley disturbed by what he saw. A large, jiggling upside-down arse. What was worse, was that this large, jiggling upside-down arse belonged to a man who had recently eaten several human sized lizards, and Jay REALLY didn't want to be downwind. Jesus, (he really had to stop saying that, it sounded like he had a god complex, or at least a son of god complex...given that he WAS Jesus (which was still a long story) it just sounded big-headed to keep using his own name for emphasis) it might even be as bad as Phil.

Finished with his irrelevant, pointless brain spillings, he wriggled free from the MACO's grip and leapt to the floor.

"You should have left me behind!" he said.
"Never sir" replied Jaxx.
"Getting those supplies are more important than bringing me along." Jay said simply "I'm going to be too much of a burden, slowing you down and risking everyones lives. We're no good to anyone if we don't bring back the food!"
"What the hell was that anyway?" Davie asked.
"Nothing" Jay replied
"I SAID IT WAS NOTHING!" Jay snapped "Now lets get the...."

They were surrounded by a bright, white light.

"suppl......ies?" Jay finished. Looking around, he was standing in large open field. Jaxx and Davie were gone, but Jacky, Bedge and Efof were nearby.

"What the hell just happened?" Jay snapped
"Oi durno filfy ooman" Bedge replied "Oi wos kleenin' da toylerts an next fing oi nuoo oi wos 'ere..."
A loud noise was heard coming from over the brow of a hill.

And the same noise from the other direction.

Suddenly hundreds of sword-weilding horsemen converged on them from both directions.
"Smeg! Not this place again!" Jay sighed.
"What?" Jacky asked "Where?"
"It's the battle of Hastings!"

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