Back to Life, Back to Reality

Jaxx said, “Let them kill each other. We need to find our crew and more supplies. I suggest we find a town or village.”

The 4 travelers began walking parallel to the battle but in the direction of the men in blue seem to come from.

It took a while but the 4 travelers eventually made it to a small town that looked a bit out of sorts. It was very modernized and empty. Jaxx used his shark sense to scan the area and he had an odd look. Davie asked, “What is it Jaxx?” Jaxx looked at Davie and said, “I sense a large group of life forms in that big tavern and a lot of electronic devices inside.” Candy replied, “I imagine it must be the game controller’s location. We have to get to that machine in order to return back to our homes.” Jaxx smiled, “Well I guess it is a good thing I am recovered now cause I have some big work ahead of me.” Davie looked at Jaxx and said, “You have serious violence issues man.” Cassie looked at Davie and protested, “It is what he was made for you git. Just be happy he is on your side cause MACOs are damn hard to kill. I saw this one have his arm ripped off by 2 Brefewinos and then was shot in the chest several times and it still killed them one handed and put his arm back on then returned to battle.” Candy interrupted, “Perhaps we should come up with a plan for getting into the controls.”

Jaxx said, “I have a simple one. I go in and kill them and you all can pick of as many as you can from a distance.” Davie shrugged, “Works for me as long as you don’t break the machines.” Jaxx agreed and they all snuck down and peeked thru a window on the side of the tavern. Inside the tavern were several tall, strong scaly aliens dressed in various colors of armor. One alien clad in black metal armor spoke it sounded like it came from deep inside the armor, echoing up to the mouth.

“Are the players in the game yet?” asked the black armored alien.
“No, Lord Hunter,” said a red armored lieutenant, “Sending the results to your terminal.”
The Lord Hunter studied the display. “Where the smeg can they be? I thought you selected the warrior with anger issues for this game. I wanted to see him on bended knee,” said the alien in its echoing voice, “I will have his head on my trophy wall.” The volume of the war on the screen was very loud and the cheering aliens couldn’t hear anything behind them.

Jaxx smiled as he nodded to his allies and they walked silently through the door and Jaxx casually walked behind the armored aliens and silently and quickly snapped their necks and gently dropped them to the floor. Eventually Jaxx was standing behind the head alien and smiling as the head alien complained and ranted on. Jaxx quickly grabbed the alien from behind and turned him into a pretzel. The alien screamed in pain as Jaxx leaned over and said, “Boo. I believe you wanted my head as a trophy. How about a consolation prize instead.” Davie, Cassie and Candy were ready for something gruesome only to be shocked when Jaxx pulled out a white sharpie and signed ‘To My Biggest Fan, Love JAXX’ on the forehead of the alien. Jaxx looked at Candy and winked as he said, “Ok girls how about we go home now.” Davie and Cassie burst out in laughter as Candy smiled walking to the controls. After everyone said their good byes Candy sent the rest of their crew back to the place where they vanished.

Suddenly Jay, Davie and Jaxx were back in the hallway of the base they were infiltrating. Jay said, “Well you don’t see that everyday.”

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