Well that wasn't expected

Plisken sat with Justin and Garth, smoking his pipe. Plisken had gotten fed up of losing at chess to garth all the time and Justin had had enough of Plisken's war stories. Garth was just being anti-social and sitting by himself- smoking. They had spent to much time together. But as Plisken was about to sigh for the hundredth time that evening and push Justin over the edge, a loud crashing sound came from outside the drive room. Only Justin jumped from his seat as Plisken was both too world weary and old to jump at such a patheticly loud crashing noise and Garth didn't really care right now- to proud of himself for beating Plisken at chess. After the third crash and the second blood curdling scream, Garth and Plisken finally got up, keeping the pipes in their mouths. And they got up just in time as the door to the drive room came crashing in, metal shards flying through the air and piercing the chairs where Garth and Plisken had both been sitting.

"Oh look," shouted Plisken, "it's Jeff!" Three other mutated Huzzards jumped from behind Jeff. "Oh, and Huwey, Duey and Leuey..."

"Enough of this," said Garth and slammed a button on the captain's chair. Garth pulled Justin and Plisken back as a large steel plate came crashing down onto the floor. The entire drive room pushed its self off the ship and was sent hurteling through space.

"I didn't know it could do that," mutted Justin, regretting that know he would be stuck as a light bee until they found a way back to the Dwarf.

The drive room crashed into the ground hard. When Plisken and Garth awoke, they found Justin marvelling himself.

"I'm still here!" he exclaimed.

"Must be because your still in the ship," said Garth.

Plisken stretched his arms, "Well, I'm going to explore."


“I...” Cass faltered, suddenly acutely aware of her situation
“Now” the Hitcher breathed, leaning in close to hold the meat cleaver up against her neck under her chin “What I’m wondering is: Does my new girl go all the way on the first date, or am I going to have to rape the shit out of her?”


Plisken stumbled upon Cass and this stranged thing. "Well rape's bad thing," said Plisken, driving his sword through the chest of the Hitcher. It feel over screaming. Cass was helped to her feet by Plisken and he carried her to the Drive Room that sat comfortably in the jungle.

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