Stuck (Continued)


“Okay just wondering.” Seymour said. Then after a pause he wheeled himself up to the microphone where he knew he could talk to Alex. “ Mr Solvay are you still in the room with the assault course?”
“Yep.” Said Solvay. “Jay's in a bad way. Doc Black wants to get him some medical supplies.”
“Understood old chap. If you can get out of that room, head two corridors starboard and there is a small medical supply cupboard.”

“But I should make you aware of something ladies and gentlemen...” Seymour said, having glanced a heat map that was showing on a computer panel in front of him. “There are several Huzzards approaching your position.”
“Crap!" Came Solvay's response.
“They might just want a jolly good chat!” Seymour said.

<end snip>

"Where are you now?" Yasmin asked over the speaker, still in the hologram projection suite.

"Still in the assault course for some reason," Alex snorted in response.

"Why?" Seymour asked dumbly.

"How the smegging smeg should I know!?" he yelled, and the pair stepped hastily back from the speaker in pure shock. "Katrina's still holding us up. Jay won't move."

"How come?"

"I don't smegging know!" he sighed, and murmured something under his breath. "Where're my fags?"

Seymour stared at the speaker. "In your bunk-room where you left them, I should suppose."

"I wouldn't mind if you went to get them," he continued, after a deep breath, and a reassuring, empty sip from the chardonnay bottle. "Perhaps you could grab me another bottle of wine, too."

He scoffed angrily on the other end, and Katrina - that's who Yasmin thought it was - sighed disappointedly.

"Ain't your servant."


(Five minutes later.)

"Right," Solvay grimaced, looking at Katrina. "We still can't get out."

Seymour's smegging voice came out from the speaker beside the blank black screen in the corner of the wall, as a frazzled hoarse whisper. "What do you mean, Mr Solvay?"

He left his head in his hands. "Smeggin' HELL Seymour! The door's locked. It must've been automatically locked when you shut down Justin."


"Oh in-smegging-deed."

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