Movie Night Again

Jaxx was still in his tank being scanned by the medical scanners under Holly’s control. Evelina had already filled Holly in on their mission and was just finishing up putting up all their gear except for Jaxx’s holowhips and holster. Evelina asked, “Hey Holly have you found anything yet?” Holly responded, “So far he has some minor damage to his organs and some bone fractures but I need to finish the scans in case there is something else. However, I am getting some unusual blood pressure readings from his midsection and a lot of activity in a small part of his brain. Lets have a looksy at what he is thinking about then.” Holly switched the VR channel to see Jaxx sitting in a chair watching Evelina in her harem outfit dancing before him in a provocative manner. Evelina dropped her jaw at the sight on the vid screen as Holly said, “Jaxx you cheeky monkey.”

Jaxx turned around in a panic as he was caught have a naughty daydream. Jaxx muttered, “Its totally not what it looks like.” Holly laughed as he replied, “Oh so your not having fantasies about your friend Ms. Stone here?” Jaxx bowed his head in shame as he muttered, “Ok…it is totally what it looks like. But I so can’t help when you wear stuff like that Eve babe.” Evelina cocked her head to the side as she replied, “Oh really now?” Jaxx said, “Of course Eve babe, my somewhat empty brain only has info on Calamar training and you. So I am only like thinking about one of those at a time and stuff.” Evelina gave Jaxx a dark grin as she stared him down. Jaxx muttered, “I guess I am in trouble again huh? Evelina nodded as she replied, “Oh I think that is safe to say.”

"This is Doctor Black, I am pleased to announce that Captain Chrysler is in full recovery. He will be fine..." She paused, wondering if she should say something about Cass. The crew needed rest. Adding that thought would only cause needless worry. After all, what could they do against the STCP? But then again she couldn't lie either. "Cass retrieved the cure from Brittany, at the price Cass returned with her. We... We will be getting her back somehow." Jade floundered. She wasn't good at the whole leadership thing. "Till Jay is recovered fully we can't do anything. It's too risky. For now rest and get ready for whatever comes next." She cringed, thinking that she sounded like an idiot. Some pep talk that had been.

Evelina then said, “Did you hear that Jaxx? Dr. Black said Jay is going to be ok.” Jaxx smiled, “Sweet then all that stuff we did was totally worth it. But I guess we like don’t have much down time then.” Evelina sighed as she replied; “Yeah I bet Jay will want to rescue Cassandra once he recovers.” Jaxx said, “Yeah he is a total hero by nature so I guess ya can’t blame the dude.” Evelina asked, “Hey Holly how long till you can fix Jaxx up?” Holly replied, “Well the he suffered a lot of internal damage, but I can adjust the nanos in his tank to fix ‘em up in a few hours.” Jaxx said, “Hey Eve babe as sweet as it is to see you in that wicked outfit, feel free to get cleaned up since I’m like gonna be here for here for a while. After the Holly dude fixes me up, I’ll get my grub on and head back to the quarters.” Evelina nodded as she said, “Ahhhh you’re so sweet but your still in the dog house mister. As soon as you get out we are having a movie marathon.” Evelina gave Jaxx an evil grin as she strut her stuff out the lab.

Jaxx was mesmerized by Evelina’s exit till Holly snapped him out of it as he said, “Well we know who wears the pants in this family eh?” Jaxx blushed as he replied, “Ahh dude were just friends and all.” Holly smirked and said, “And I’m a Japanese jet pilot.” Jaxx said, “Really?” Holly replied, “No not really but I thought about it once. Anyhow now that we are alone I think it best we had a chat.” Jaxx replied, “Ok Holly dude what’s up?” Holly replied, “The ceiling, but that is not important right now. I can see you are smitten with Ms. Stone, but how do you feel about the rest of the crew?” Jaxx shrugged and said, “Well dude, some I like more than others, but I can’t honestly say they are my buds and stuff.” Holly asked, “Why not? Is it because they think you’re a smeghead?” Jaxx sighed and replied, “Yeah dude that’s pretty much it. Some totally see me as the village smeghead, while others totally see me as a monster. Either way I’m totally not popular and stuff Holly dude.”

Holly asked, “So then why bother to help them? Jay is not your friend but your risked your life to help him. Why?” Jaxx smirked as he remembered all the bad things they encountered to help Jay before he replied, “Oh well Holly dude I do this heinous stuff because of two righteous reasons. First it is totally part of my Calamar training to help those in need. Enduring heinous situations and prevailing in the end is the way of the Calamar Monk bro.” Holly nodded as he listened and then asked, “And the second reason?” Jaxx blushed as he muttered, “I have to be strong for her.” Holly looked at Jaxx oddly as he said, “Her?……… Oh you mean Ms. Stone. All right I get ya, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.” Jaxx continued to blush for a while before asking, “It’s cool to hang with ya and all Holly dude, but why are ya so curious about me now?” Holly asked, “Well I know it is a tall request and all, but could you bring back Ms. Jones? I sort of miss her.” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Sure Holly dude. I totally know the wicked pain of not being with your close ones. (Jaxx spoke solemnly) When I almost died in Eve babe’s arms I totally realized there is no hell worse than hurting or loosing someone you totally care about. I wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone bro.” Holly smiled as he said, “Thanks Jaxx your alright.” Jaxx smiled as he said, “You too Holly dude.”

By now Evelina came by to pick up Jaxx. She was dressed in her black silk JMC pajamas and slippers. Evelina helped Jaxx out of his tank and handed him a towel to dry off. As Jaxx was drying off Evelina said, “Well I went ahead and picked out some movies and snacks for tonight so I hope your feeling energetic.” Jaxx was very tired but as he looked at an excited Evelina in her thin silky pajamas he quickly gave in and said, “Sure Eve babe. It will be fun.” Evelina looked at Holly’s floating head and said, “Thank you Holly for taking care of the big lug for me. He wasn’t to much trouble was he?” Holly smiled and replied, “Naw he was a good shark boy. You two have fun now.” Jaxx grabbed his holster with his holowhips before Evelina led him back to the quarters for a marathon of movies.

Six hours later Jaxx and Evelina were side by side under a blanket on the lower bunk and leaning against the wall, watching a movie called Frankenstein. Jaxx felt Evelina pull his arm around her neck as she snuggled next to his chest. Jaxx smiled at her gesture as he looked at her. Evelina softly spoke, “Thank you Jaxx for staying up with me.” Jaxx answered, “Its cool Eve babe.” Evelina said, “I know your tired ad I am not really in the movie mood either, but I don’t think I can sleep after watching your double die.” Jaxx gave Evelina a hug and said, “Anubis totally lost his will to live and stuff after his Eve babe died. He didn’t like have to tell me cause I totally saw the wicked pain in his eyes when your name came up.” Evelina said softly, “I know its just need to know your still here when I close my eyes.” Jaxx nuzzled the top of Evelina’s head as he said, “There is no where else I’d rather be Eve babe.”

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