West Side Story

Boyd started wandering around aimlessly in the western part of Jerusalem, taking a gander at a stand selling some pretty good goats. He continued on eventually finding a seat on the edge of a fountain, next ot a strange man. Boyd sat, whistling and eventually had an impromptu staring match with a camel. His bliss was broken by the man next to him,

"HEY! Do you like magic things?" The man said,

"Why yes, I love magic things." Boyd said,

"Then I like you, let's be friends."


"I know! Hey, I want to show you how much of a great friend I am, I want to give you something magic."

"Okay pal-sy wal-sy, lead the way!"

"Right this way!"

Boyd followed the man through the crowded streets, weaving in and out of the foor traffic, eventually coming up to a house, the man opened the curtain in the front,

"Go on inside." He said

Boyd wandered inside and was met by six other strange men holding swords.

"You don't want to show me anything magical do you?" Boyd said,

"No." The man said,

"And we're really not friends are we?"


"Aw... Well damn."

Boyd took off through the curtain and ran down the street throught the crowd of people with the men following behind him. While he was running he noticed he was comming up to a ledge, he ran accidentally knocking over a candle which set a spice cart on fire, making it explode giving Boyd a cool explosion effect as he fell to the ground below him. He continued running and eventually decided to hide in a small synagogue, he saw Artie and the rest of the group hiding in there as well.

"Hey guys! What are you doing here? Did someone try to show you something magic too?"


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