Saving some Bacon [FPF]

As I am telling the others about Eve babe’s and my most excellent adventure Artemis dude totally interrupted me and he like brought a bunch of angry dudes wearing armor and dresses. They are like an angry version of the cool people we met at Sin City. I so wanted to take them jerks on but, Eve babe was totally scared and the others ran off so I like had to tag along and stuff.

Jade checked on Alex as he slowly recovered. Jaxx chatted with the others about his and Evelina's adventures in the desert. Suddenly, a girlish scream shattered the somewhat pleasant atmosphere. Artemis came running down the street screaming like a mad man.
"RUN RUN GET OUT OF MY WAY!" he said, rushing by and accidentally knocking a groggy Alex back over.
"What the hell?" Jamie blurted.
"Who was that?" Dave asked/
"I think that was Artemis....." replied Plisken
They looked down the street to see a crowd of legionnaires careening down the road. In an instant, the entire crowd of Dwarfers, old and new, was gone.

Everyone then like spread out and hid in different houses so I like followed Eve babe into the last one. My poor Eve babe was totally scared I guess these jerks were tougher than they looked. Maybe they like had magic powers or super strength. That would be so cool to fight dudes like that then Eve babe might like me more and stuff. I mean I know we are married and cool friends and stuff, but sometimes I wonder what she like digs about me and stuff. I mean I still get a bit of tude from the others, some more than others. Eve screams in panic as the door is busted open. But I …..oh crap those armored cross dressers found us. I quickly whip out my holowhips and teach these jerks not to make Eve babe cry. One by one I launch all four jerks out of the house door and into the nearby wall. After a good lashing they quickly go to sleep like good little drag queens. I look at Eve babe who is happy now as she hugs me and says, “Thanks Jaxx those Legionnaires had me worried for a bit. Lets hurry and find the others.” I nod and say, “Sure thing Eve babe.” Then we totally head out of the house and see the others are like missing so we walk around. We totally get a lot of weird looks from the locals and stuff so I give up on being nice to them. Eve babe looks at me and says, “Hey Jaxx can we stop for water? I am thirsty?” I reply, “Sure thing Eve babe.” After looking around we find a fountain in the middle of the town by some place called a church. I watch as Eve babe drinks from the fountain and then washes her face. As we totally rest for a bit we so noticed the crew like go into the church one by one.

Eventually I found the other Dwarfers, who had defeated their own pursuers and rendezvoused in a small synagogue. It was nice to see everyone together, including two men I hadn't met before.


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