Dr. Artemis K. Pritchard VI, at your service

OOC-This is a quick little blurb that I forgot to add to When in Jerusalem, it introduces Artie to Dave and Herbie (and gets the two of them a little more immersed with the Dwarfers) and sets up a good transition for our big field trip into.....(drumroll).....Jerusalem 0 ad!

Eventually I found the other Dwarfers, who had defeated their own pursuers and rendezvoused in a small synagogue. It was nice to see everyone together, including two men I hadn't met before.
"Hey guys! What are you doing here? Did someone try to show you something magic too?"

I noticed that there were two men that I had never met before. One was wearing a UEC uniform, and the other some sort of....red spacesuit. Based on how they looked I'd say they'll fit right in with our motley crew.

"Hello gentlemen" I said, approaching them. "I can tell based on your attire that you've both ended up here from the same time period as us. Tell me, where did you come from?"

"I..." "Herbie Columbus! Captain of the SS Blue Whale II, I've been in stasis for the past while and by some strange occurrence have landed here in...wherever this is" Herbie said, interrupting Dave.

"I'm Dave Hollins, I was a crew member on the rescue ship sent after Red Dwarf, and after a long chain of events became a well versed space cadet....and somehow ended up here. It's pretty confusing, but I guess it could be worse" Said Dave.

Artemis nodded. "Well, space has a way of bringing people together, and it's not like Blue Dwarf will run out of room any time soon. Anywho, I am Dr. Artemis K. Pritchard VI, innovative sciences officer and...illegal inventor. At your service!"


lost the rest of the transcript I had saved, so it's...incomplete, but complete...urgh...

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