Dust and Jones [FPF]

<Nice being welcoming to da new folk, Xan!>

Temply Place.

We were all crouched, sat, and stood in the relative gloom of the temply place – ‘all of us’ who’d embarked on the timey wimey Cass-recovering quest, I mean.

It was somehow reassuring to all be assembled together like that. And despite the danger of the skirt-soldiers, there was kind of a good feel about the place. It made me think of when I’d sometimes worshipped the Gods, back home.

The others were introducing themselves, catching up, or sitting around looking bewildered.
I spotted Boyd and give him a nod. He seemed much more healthy than the last time I’d seen him - before the jump.

Jacky was saying something about performing miracles and Judas, and some people were a little confused.

I made my way through the hushed conversations up to where Jay was talking with Cass in front of a ... Thing. As our leader, and current mission expert, they were the ones to talk to. Katrina was standing with 'em an' all.

For some reason they were talking about Pontias Pilate. I thought I remembered something about him from being read bits of the bible at school.

Skullhump or Hatred.

As I mentioned previously, seeing as how I'd got 'go away' vibes from her for a while and how I found out she'd given Jaxx's request the cold shoulder, I was nervous to speak to Cass. Also I don't relish talkin' to people who mistakenly see me as a no good al... Person. But, I figured I’d just spoke to one of the ladies I’d felt wary of - time for the second. Bollocks to it. I'd fought skull humping holograms for f*ck's sake. Are angry women really more daunting than that?
Uh, actually, probably best not to think about that too hard.

Cass!" I accidentally almost shouted, despite standing about two feet away from her, sounding 100% more angry and serious than I meant to. Great start.

She glared at me, and Jay didn’t help, by turning to look at me too, and then Katrina. Brilliant, I felt like I had a smeggin’ audience.
“Sorry, uh, volume issues” I muttered. Must’ve been the dust.

The only one of the threesome I didn’t feel either stupid (Jay) or unwelcome (Cass) in front of was Katrina. Somehow I got the feeling Katrina liked me. Dunno why. She always seemed like a warm person, and a little smile from her encouraged me to carry on.
I cleared my throat.

“Cass and Jay” I tried again, trying not to boom it at them this time. Cass now raised her eyebrows and Jay had an impatient look about him, like he was thinking irritated thoughts. He didn’t say it, though. He swallowed whatever it was.

They were waiting for me to speak.


I launched into the important, considered, and extremely sensitive, part of my query. I'd been thinkin' it up on my way over to them:

“Could one of you tell us exactly what the smeg is going on? And what the f*ck you want us to do?”

... Nailed it.

I looked at Jaysus and winced.
Perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking about nails.

Chryst scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, actually we were just about to address the group.”
“Good” I said, then glanced about at said group, looking at Boyd, and Jaxx, and catching my own reflection in one of Jaxx’s chrome add-ons.

I hoped they’d put it in simple terms.

Still, it couldn’t be any more confusing than one of Seymour’s refectory meetings.


TAG. E’boddeh.

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