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Jade was feeling quite thick headed as they ran through the streets away from the Romans. The hot sun beating down and causing her to feel dizzy and sick.

"Never thought I'd be running away from Romans trying to crucify me." She gasped quietly to herself as they pelted through the streets. She kept her eye on the Dwarfer in front and did her best to keep up, a difficult task given the slight feeling of being roasted alive.

Time passed in an exhaustible, hot, dusty, fast paced blur. They managed to scatter and lose the Romans before reconvening in a sacred space of some kind. It was cool and shadowed, faint light filtering in from the high up windows. What smelled like incense burned on a charcoal disks in censers hanging from the walls. It was quiet and restful in there and Jade found herself closing her eyes and leaning against the cool stone of the wall.

Alex was right, she mused I'm definitely going to have more freckles again after this.

The conversation was hushed and murmuring in the background. A background hubbub of reassuring people. She drifted off into not quite awake, not quite asleep. The strange stage in-between where you aren't really aware of what is going on, but not quite fully asleep yet.

"Wakey, wakey sleepyhead." Alex plonked himself down next to her and nudged her gently.

"'M not asleep." Jade answered. Opening her eyes with an effort of will.

"Yeah?" Alex raised an eyebrow and passed her a canteen of water that someone had either appropriated or misappropriated depending on your perspective. Jade drank some gratefully.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I just need a few minutes. It's the heat." She wrinkled up her nose. "I'm going to burn horribly. My nose will start to flake like bad pastry."

"Oh! Here, rub some of this on, it's a concoction that I came up with that seems to hold off the sun a bit." Dave tossed a bottle over to Jade and eyed up the messy tangle of red hair. "I guess you need it more than me."

Gingerly she sniffed the small bottle of... stuff.

"What in the..." She recoiled away, inadvertently thrusting the bottle towards Alex, who also made some horribly disgusted sounds.

"It's a mixture of..." Dave began.

"I don't want to know do I?" Jade interrupted.

"Probably not no..."

"Let me... Think about it." Jade wrinkled up her nose again and tossed the foul smelling substance back to Dave. Fully never intending to use it, and just suffer with the sunburn.

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OOC - Short, but I wanted to get something up before I go away for Xmas.

Happy seasonal festival of choice everyone. I hope you and yours are all happy and healthy this festive time. :)

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