Shadow Hunters

Pistol drawn, Cass flashed it and her terminal around in a wide arc, scanning for anything unusual, as Jade and Eve hurried through the shadowy darkness towards where Jamie lay, just past the ruins of his beach hut.
Everything seemed worryingly quiet, but after a minute or two of tense silence with her terminal reading precisely nothing, Cass hurried over to join the others who were crowding around their stricken compatriot, who was just beginning to stir
“Hold still Jamie” Jade was working quickly to remove as many of the larger splinters from his arm as she could, before Jamie fully regained consciousness. Eve was helping as best as she was able, passing bandages and other supplies from Jades bag
“How’s he doing?” Cass asked
“He’ll live” Jade murmured, distractedly “Cut that one to length” she said to Eve “Pass me another gauze pad as well”
“Anything I can do?”
“I’m going to need some more antiseptic and some wide spectrum antibiotics,” Jade didn’t bother looking up “they should be in the Starbug’s emergency medical pack; can you get them for me?”
“Sure thing” Cass turned and hurried away through the trees towards the Starbug, alert for any movement and angry at this turn of events

Eve continued to help Jade give Jamie first aid as Jamie continued to move in pain. Eve looked at Jamie’s wounds and was amazed he had so much wooden shrapnel all over. It was obvious that Jamie not going to lie still for them so Eve gently held Jamie’s head and made him look at her as she said, “Jamie I need you to focus on my voice ok? Jade needs you to stay still and don’t move ok? She said your wounds are not that bad but if you keep moving you can make them worse. Just listen to the sound of my voice. The Starbug is fine and what ever you thought happened to it was some kind of mental illusion. Someone on the planet is messing with us so we need you to keep it together ok? Right now I am seriously scared of what is out there and we don’t have my Jaxx to protect us. So we need to keep it together or we may not make it back home ok?” Eve was not sure how much of what she said was heard by the delirious Jamie. What started out as a nice day now turned into an episode out of the Twilight Zone.

Eve then helped cut more bandages for Jade till they ran out of gauze. Jade looked at Eve and said, “Till Cass gets back with that med kit we can’t do much more for him. Suddenly Eve turned to look at on of the Gibbles next to her as it told her they were in danger and needed to hide. Jade looked at Eve with concern as she looked like she was talking to her imaginary friends. Eve looked up at Jade and said, “The Gibbles said they found us.” Jade asked, “Who found us?” Eve replied the ones that came after us before.” Jade asked, “Are you sure? How do you know?” Eve quickly ripped off another strip of material from her skirt and pulled out a green and blue crystal. Then Eve continued to tie them together as she and the Gibble spoke some kind of odd language in front of Jade and Jamie. Jade looked at the crystals and said, “Hey wait a sec aren’t those the crystals that you used last time?” Eve replied, “Yes!” as she shook the crystals real fast and threw them at some predetermined target.

Eve and Jade watched as the crystals simply dropped to the floor for a few seconds before they exploded. The explosion quickly revealed two large tri-pedal cloaked figures as hey were sent flying back a good fifty feet from their last location. As the two figures flew backwards a set of four rockets flew from their backs and over Jade, Jamie and Eve. As the rockets flew over their heads of past them, Eve turned to see the rockets fly into the ocean and explode.

Walking towards the ‘bug, the air was suddenly split with the howl of three missiles as they arced overhead on a downward trajectory towards the Starbug
Acting purely on instinct, Jay leaped onto Cass, dragging her roughly down to the ground a heartbeat before the missiles detonated ahead of them.

Then off in the distance where Cass ran off to they heard a loud explosion. It almost sounded like the Starbug did explode. Eve was now panicked as she looked at Jamie and Jade and said, “What do we do about Jamie?” The thought of not having Jaxx around made Eve tremble in fear as she knew they were in way over their heads.

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