They'll be firing from the mountains when they come...

< Snip> Jay frowned at this, weighing up the pros and cons of leaving Jade and Eve at the mercy of whatever was out there or leaving Cass here to fend for herself. Caught between an almost impossible choice, he sighed and motioned towards the ‘bug
“Yeah sure” he said wearily “Let’s go”
Walking towards the ‘bug, the air was suddenly split with the howl of three missiles as they arced overhead on a downward trajectory towards the Starbug
Acting purely on instinct, Jay leaped onto Cass, dragging her roughly down to the ground a heartbeat before the missiles detonated ahead of them
As the noise died, Jay and Cass leapt to their feet and darted through the undergrowth as quickly as they could in the darkness. As they drew closer to the landing site, an orange, flickering light began to guide their way.
“That’s….not a good sign” Cass said, Jay, a step ahead of her was already checking his pistol for ammo and flicking off the safety.
As they neared, they could hear the crackling of fire, and where the Starbug had once stood there now was nothing but a charred wreck of mangled metal.
“Smeg it!” Jay snapped, tossing his gun angrily on the ground and clutching his head in his hands in frustration. “There goes our only way off this rock…”
“So now what?” Cass asked as Jay stooped to reclaim his weapon.
“Lets regroup with the others” Jay said.
“What happened?” Asked Jade as Jay and Cass pushed through the jungle and back to where she was frantically working on helping Jamie.
“Bugs gone” Jay said “Blown to pieces...not even I can fly it in THAT state..and not even JAMIE can fix it…”
“So we’re trapped here?” Eve blurted
“Not necessarily.” Jay said “Pliskens been here before. The Pyramid you and Cass found earlier was put him by humans…and I’d bet whoever fired on us is connected to it…chances are theres some kind of spacecraft we can use to get off this planet…at worst we can hope for and interface of some description that I can remote-fly a Blue Midget down from the ‘Dwarf with…I say a group of us meet with Plisken at the pyramid and see what we can find – with any luck we’ll run into Artemis, Boyd and the others and some of us can break off and follow the direction the missles came from, up into the mountains, to find out who’s firing on us and why…”

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