Pyramid, Mountain, and smoldering wreckage.

"Don't overdo it." Jade said, as Jamie stretched his limbs out in some weird ways. Admittedly, he'd been keeping off his obviously wounded arm, which was now in a makeshift sling, bandaged up, but somehow he was still able to balance, holding his entire weight up in the air with his other arm. People have been able to do that for years, but they always need their other arm for balance.

"I think it's mostly just bruising." Jamie said, as he got to his feet. It was a slow process, standing up again after being flung fast enough to break through a half-built wooden hut, and then stand upside down on your hands for a bit is enough to mess up anyone. He wobbled for a moment.

"Postural hypertension." Jade said, seeing him sway slightly. "after a shock like that, you need to take things slower for a while."

Jamie nodded, and took a deep breath. "So, what's the plan?" He asked, having been out cold while the bug was actually blown up, he assumed that his psychic episode was real. "With the 'bug gone, we need a way off the planet."

Jay told him again, what he'd just said to the others about the pyramid, and potential for a craft.

"So, we either search in the pyramid for a console, and get whatever remote craft we bring shot out of the sky by more missiles, or we go to the mountain and see what's shooting us?" Jamie said, making sure he got the gist of what had happened.

Before the conversation was over, Plisken and Phi emerged from the direction of the beach, and started walking towards them.

"We still need to go to the pyramid first. That's where Artemis was. Then, we can go to the mountain to find out what's shooting us." Jay said.

Jamie picked up his toolkit from nearby, and the group began their walk towards the pyramid. Everyone keeping their eyes peeled for any of the strange aliens, and for anyone else acting weird.


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