Cyber Nightmares

One by one the Dwarfer’s stole out from beneath the cover of the jungle and out into the moonlit streets; those with the training, darting stealthily in and out of cover, while everyone else followed suit as best they could.
Save for the scuff of their boots and their ragged breathing as they hurried through the ruins, everything seemed quiet.
Keeping low, Cass shot across a vine and scrub strewn intersection to vault over a low wall and hunker down behind it next to Jade and Jay. Jamie followed a moment later, vaulting over the wall and landing in almost complete silence, followed closely by Eve.
"The pyramid's not so far..." Jay began as Plisken leaped over the wall to drop down beside Jade
“Quiet!” Jamie hissed, the urgency in his tone prompting Cass to flatten herself up against the wall and draw her pistols
Jay bristled but likewise followed suit, his long centuries of experience having taught him well to take note when someone had that note in their voice
Everyone lapsed into a watchful silence for a breathless moment, their weapons at the ready until Jay frowned and shook his head
“What?” he whispered, his voice seeming like a sudden intrusion
“The insects” Jamie murmured “They’ve stopped”
With a start the rest of the Dwarfer’s realised that he was right – their breathing was the only sound they could hear
“I don’t like this” Jade said in a low voice, the memories of her previous experience of this place still fresh in her mind
“There!” Plisken barked, raising his rifle in one fluid motion and firing at a sudden movement out in the shadows
“Shit!” Jay hissed, whipping his pistol around to fire it out into darkness “There!”
“No, there!” Cass yelled scrambling to her feet and opening up with both her pistols

As Eve looked around to see what the others were looking at one of her Gibble friends tugged on her skirt and pointed at her left side as it mumbled it’s tribal language. Eve looked at where the Gibble was pointing and saw a tripedal figure flashing back in forth between invisibility and visible. From what Eve could see the figure was tapping on it forearm as it flashed between its visibility. The Gibble mumbled to Eve again and then Eve reached into her furry purses and pulled out a green and blue crystal and quickly tied them together with some twain. Then Eve shook the crystals hard and threw them at the mysterious figure. However Eve misjudged the distance and threw the crystals passed the figure who was to focused to notice Eve’s attack. However before the crystal’s landed they exploded right behind the figure and sent it hurling right at the Dwarfers.

Eve screamed, “OH SMEG! LOOK OUT!” as she ducked behind some nearby cover. The blast sent the figure tumbling like a rag doll right at the Dwarfers. When it finally managed to stop moving the crew could see it lost its helmet during its tumble. Eve quickly pulled out a yellow crystal and shook it to light up so she could see the figure better. As Eve looked at the figure she gasped as she saw the horrible creatures face. Eve flashed back to the tv series of Star Trek and quickly remember the alien called the Borg. Eve was scared as she looked at the dead human face with cybernetic implants. Jay, Cass and Plisken checked the cyborg for life signs while keeping a gun ready to shoot. After discovering the female had a broken neck Jay felt relieved. As Plisken moved the female’s head to the side to examine the implants he made a discovery. The female had round hicky marks on her neck along with implants in the middle of them and the female was wearing a JMC uniform under the suit. Cass of course was now very curious as she and Jade began to examine the body. Then Jay, Jamie and Plisken quickly took up positions in case they were attacked again.

After a few minutes of examining the body Cass and Jade made a discovery. Cass looked at Jay and said, “Jay I need you to carry her now and everyone else stay close. I think I got the stealth to work again but we have to be close to her.” The others quickly huddled up as Jay carried the cyber corpse on his shoulder with Cass behind holding the corpse’s arm with a keypad on it. The Dwarfers quickly made their way to the pyramid as they hugged each other tightly. Normally some members would be upset by the occasional accidental grope but this was not the best time to get angry. After the crew approached the pyramid they stood in front of the door till Cass figured out the correct code to open it. Then the crew snuck inside the pyramid and entered the pyramid. At this point the pyramid looked like an old JMC Science base based on the old decor and left over equipment. As the crew carefully moved on they saw a huge gaping hole in the middle of the room and several doors along the walls. The crew quickly stopped as they saw a dead creature lying by the hole. Of course it didn’t take long before a huge cybernetic tentacle came out of the hole and quickly grabbed the dead animal and pulled it down the hole to a loud splash in some water.

The crew waited a few minutes till their was silence again before they got closer to the hole. As they rested for a bit by the corpse Jade saw some black ink on the ground where the dead animal was lying and began to study it. As the crew rested they whispered to each other their ideas of what they were dealing with and how to stop it

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