Supply Field B.

"The supply fields are low risk areas, but take a weapon with you and keep in touch - Things could have changed down there, so stay alert.".
"You might want to put a call out to Artemis and White Wolf while you're on" Cass suggested "If you let them know what we're doing, chances are they might be able to help out."

Jamie fiddled with the dials on his radio. It was an old Radio, but still had a decent array of frequency modulators and transmitters.

"Artemis, White Wolf. Either of you getting this?" He said into the device, but nothing came back. He switched around with the frequencies until he got a response.

"Receiving you." said White Wolf.

"I'm heading down to the supply fields to look for components to try and fix the core and life support. If you haven't got your own emergency to attend to, I could do with some help searching. Manifests from most of the supply fields suggest there won't be anything down there, but supply field B doesn't have much listed. I'm heading there on the off chance whoever used it never recorded what was there."

They exchanged pleasantries, and Jamie continued on his way down to the supply field.

The door slid open slowly, powered by hand, and the lights were off. He clicked a torch into life, and started to walk into the huge chamber, filled with what looked like junk. He was right about one thing, that much was obvious from the first few minutes in this supply field.

Someone was filling this place, and not recording any of it.

"Hello?" He called. "Anyone here?"

Silence. Apart from the slight echo return.

As he wandered, he fished through piles of junk that looked like failed experiments, or just things that someone had got bored with and tossed into another pile. Within an hour, his pockets were dragging him down with the weight of tools and random scraps of metal that he'd found. Most of the tools were just hardy versions of his own - manual tools. No power involved. Times like this, with the core not working meant he could continue working, while a lot of others would be wondering why their power tools have stopped.

That was when he discovered the strangest thing of the supply field. A bed. Admittedly, the mattress had long since disintegrated, and the metal frame was rusted through, but it was obviously a bed, and had obviously been used in that utilitarian occupation. There was nothing immediately around it, and yet it was accompanied by basic amenities - a shower hooked up by pipes heading off to some far off part of the supply field. A fridge, and some basic cooking facilities.

Someone had been living here.

"Hello?" He said again.

"Greetings." came a reply, in a very digital tone.

Jamie jumped, and turned to face the voice; a wrench in his hand, held up in a defensive position.

"Fear not, unidentified human. I am incapable of movement. In fact, shortly I will also be incapable of speech." the voice replied.

Jamie scanned the piles of junk in front of him, until the beam of light from his torch reflected from a pair of eyes. They were red, and pulsed slowly.

"What do you mean by that?" Jamie asked.

"My power supply is dwindling. A long time ago, I deactivated myself and saved my remaining power in case I was ever required again." The voice was now obviously attached to the robotic head. Just a head, nothing else was visible atop the pile of junk.

"Please Identify yourself, and then tell me why you are here." It asked.

"I'm Jamie. I'm here looking for life support or power core parts to repair the ship."

"I am sorry to say that this is unlikely. However, there is the possibility that you will find some such components in quadrant 3 dash 2 of this supply field. A map is available on the terminal behind you."

Jamie got up, and turned to where the robotic head had guided him. Indeed, there was a computer. He wiggled the mouse, and the screen turned on. "Wow. This thing has been on for three million years." He muttered to himself. He picked up the head, and began to walk.

The map directed him to the quadrant the head had told him about. When he arrived, there were no piles of junk. Instead, what looked like two cryo-chambers, much like the escape pod he had landed on Fernandos in sat next to each other, connected by cables. These had been re-oriented to a seating position and the cables attached at points around the head.

"These units are designed to transfer consciousness from one -" the head began, but tailed off at the end, the lights in the eyes fading to nothing. The power source had run out.

Nothing else for it, he dumped the robotic head, and started searching the area for components to use. Ten hours had now passed since the life support had been rigged.

Perhaps if White Wolf showed up, he might be able to shed some light on the equipment. Jamie had heard that White Wolf had been on the ship a long time ago, and may know something about it.

<tag. WW, if you do want to join me, the equipment i'm referring to is the mind transferrence machine. Think Shakespeare. If you don't, i'll try and post something else during the weekend.>

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