You never know what treasures you'll find while digging around in a supply field.

Jamie fiddled with the dials on his radio. It was an old Radio, but still had a decent array of frequency modulators and transmitters.
"Artemis, White Wolf. Either of you getting this?" He said into the device, but nothing came back. He switched around with the frequencies until he got a response.
"Receiving you." said White Wolf.
"I'm heading down to the supply fields to look for components to try and fix the core and life support. If you haven't got your own emergency to attend to, I could do with some help searching. Manifests from most of the supply fields suggest there won't be anything down there, but supply field B doesn't have much listed. I'm heading there on the off chance whoever used it never recorded what was there."
They exchanged pleasantries, and Jamie continued on his way down to the supply field.
The Rotund hamster glanced around Artemis’s lab, which was a mess. “Hmm right. Candice and I can head out to the supply fields first if you want to do a little cleaning up here first. “
“We’ll stop off somewhere first, so I can change into something more appropriate.” Said Candice as she was making her way for the lab’s exit.
The amplitudness Hamster paused near the door and said to Artemis, “Hey, for a little more flayrah - I’m pretty sure I could fit you into a better body than that boxy one your in.”, White Wolf jerked a thumb claw towards the retreating Candice, “I did a lot of the robotics work on her, if you didn’t know.”
"GAH!" went Artemis while blowing yet another circuit in frustration.
“Right - You think on it and get back to me.” commented the oversized hamster, before leaving the lab.

{Later in Supply Field B}
Candice loosened the collar on her close fitting black spandex body suit while perusing the Atemporal pad’s info display, and remarked to the huge hamster digging through what looked like a nearby junk pile, “There seems to be quite a bit of undocumented material down here. It could take us a long time to look through it all…”
A distracted White Wolf nodded his head as he slowly dragged out a large platform from the pile and brushed off the detritus. “Aha! A hover platform. We can use to carry some of the stuff we find around here. Hmm, these rusty anti grav mounts just need a little repair. Where’s that oxy acetylene torch we saw earlier?”
“Back that way, I’d say about 40 meters not far from the Mini Phil perversions exhibit.” Replied a very unsettled sounding Candy, quickly gesturing.
“I’m still certain we can convince Jamie to dispose of it. Don’t worry about it.” Replies White Wolf heading in the direction Candice indicated.
“I’ll just stay here and make a few more detailed scans.” She gave a slight shiver of disgust while finishing with a quiet whisper, “where it’s safe.”
She spent the next few minutes trying to identify the various bits nearby as White Wolf came back and started performing the repairs on the hover pad.
Candy casually picked up a bundle of fabric from the ground and turning it over as she ran the A-pad’s scanning, then spotting a name, “I think I found a crewmen’s backpack.”
White Wolf glanced up from where he was working, “Say! That’s Penny Lloyd’s parasail. I remember her using it when we had to make a jump down the ceiling of the landing bay and onto my ship, the SS Flyspeck. Gosh, that was a long time ago.”
Candice blinked, “The SS Flyspeck? Isn’t that the ship you said you were keeping hidden?”
“Yep. And still am right here on the dwarf.”
“You’re goshing me.”
“No. It’s still on board in stealth mode, safely right where I left it the last time I used it.” Said the corpulent hamster casually, going back to work on the hover platform.
“But, aren’t you worried about STCP or the Darkover finding it?” asked Candy.
“uh uh.” Replied White Wolf shaking his head, while flipping down his helmet and welding some joints.
Candice tried again, “How the frell do you know it’s safe?”
“By not talking about it so much, since these wall might have ears you know. And the monitoring system says everything is still fine. So I long as I don’t use the ship, it stays right where it is hidden and it’ll be fine, just like it’s always been. And that’s the way it’ll stay unless the situation changes.” Remarked the Brobdingnagian hamster putting the finishing touches on the welds and flipping up his helmet.

“Well that’s a heck of a smeg way to do things!”
The embonpoint hamster reached down, punching a few buttons activating the hoverpad and it slowly levitated up from the ground as he commented, “It works.”
“You swarming git. You’re changing the subject!”
“Uh huh.” Replied the massive hamster taking the A-pad from her hand and referring to it, “It looks like there might be two large atmospheric convertors that perhaps we could salvage for repairs on the Dwarfs life support systems in a damaged terraforming probe sitting over that way.”
As he walked off, pulling the hover pad behind him, Candice debated with herself whether to try changing the subject back, or give it up for later. She shrugged and followed after him, deciding for now it was more important to get Dwarf back up and running, even though this was probably was going to really nag at her until she got to the bottom of it. Just like a whole host of other things that she’d been trying to figure out about him and his past that he didn’t talk about. And she wondered once again, whether an artificial intelligence could lose its mind out of exasperation.
{Hours later, after successfully extracting one of the large atmospheric convertors from the terraforming probe and successfully balancing it upon the hoverpad}
“There! Now we just need to bring this to Jamie and see if this is all he needs or if he’s going to need to other one to fix the life support.” Huffed a very sweaty and tired looking giant hamster.
“Oh, the A-pad located Jamie several hours ago. He’s just past that small mountain of canned mushy pea’s there.” Stated Candice looking for all the world like she never even broke a sweat.
“Right, No time like the present.” Said White Wolf as he grabbed ahold of hoverpad and started moving towards Jamie’s location.
After several minutes of pushing, pulling and general lugging of the hoverpad, they arrived at the scene of the two cryo-chambers connected by cables that had been re-oriented to a seating position and more cables attached at points around the head, with Jamie and a disembodied robotic head seeming to have a conversation about the device.
As the exorbitant paused and took out a handkerchief to mop at his wet fur, Candice walked over towards Jamie, while waving to him, “Hello! What have you found here?”
Jamie somewhat startled, took a moment to reply, “That robot head was saying something about consciousness …” as White Wolf walked over and quickly opened up a couple of panels, pulling out several circuit and component boards examining them, “Hey, It’s the old Personality Bifurcator! It survived remarkable well for all those years of disuse. Say, if we can get it running again, it just might make it a whole lot easier to pop Artemis into a new body.”

Will Jamie be able to use the large atmospheric convertor from the terraforming probe to finish making the repairs on the Dwarfs life support?
Will White Wolf use the personality bifurcator to get Artemis a new body?
Or Will Jamie use it to put Jaxx into a new body?
Or will Candice blow something else up out of frustration with all of unsolved mystery about White Wolf’s past?
What else will happen?>

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