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"Humans" the lead Huzard snarled with sibilant distaste as it cocked it's head to one side to regard the Dwarfer's with it's inhuman yellow eyes; the bone necklace it was wearing, jangling hollowly as it did so.
"More sacrificial offerings for the slaughter" another one of the creatures hissed as it and several of its companions began stealthily fanning out around the Dwarfers.
"I can have five drones here within thirty seconds" Cass said coldly "I say we kill them"


“You know.” Jade said, sighing “I was assigned here because I had post-traumatic stress. I am genuinely surprised that I’ve not gone quite mad by now.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Jay said, as a Huzzard jabbed at him with a spear.

“No talk.” It hissed, the jab eliciting a grunt of pain from Jay.

The three of them, Jay Cass and Jade had been tied up to poles like trussed up turkeys ready for a good old fashioned roasting. They dangled, arms and legs bound, looking up at the canopy and through the gaps, the distant artificial weather system, rain makers and lighting bulbs, fans and even static generators for lightening. They bounced slightly as the Huzzards moved along.

“This is humiliating.” Cass grumbled, testing the rope bonds for the fourteenth time.

“No talk.” Another Huzzard hissed, jabbing at Cass.

“Bite me ugly.” She spat at the lizard.

“Plan to.” It hissed, a tooth grin menacing down at her.

“You see. I always figured I was going to be beaten to death by Tony. Or brutally slaughtered by a Hymenopterra.” Jade said, sighing again. She shifted her weight and winced as she was not only jabbed by a Huzzard but the strain on her shoulders shifted.

“No..” The Huzzard by her began.

“Talk, I know, I get it.” Jade said, resigned.

*** 30 Minutes ago... ish ***

Jade crouched by the fallen cyborg and felt for a pulse, it was thready and weak. She pulled out a med-kit and opened it up, ignoring the advancing Huzzards. Jay and Cass moved into more defenceable positions, not showing wekness against the lizzards, ending up back to back facing the surrounding threat.

"We can talk about this right?" Jay said, making a placating gesture with his hands.

"No. Humans are evil. Humans are the destroyers. You take ur God. You take our Viollages you take our people!" The leader said, the bone necklace jangling ominously. Jade looked up briefly from treating the cyborg.

Three cervical, two thoracic vertibrae. Looks like three ribs too. She grimaced and looked away, not wanting to know where the bones came from. The cyborg was stabilising.

"Hey now! most of that was an accident..." Jay said, turning his head to assess the threat on either side of him as Cass made a low threatening growl as one got too close.

"I need to get her to the medi-bay." Jade whispered up at Jay. Jay looked down at Jade and shot her a 'I'm woriking on it glance'. She got up, having done what she could and went to take up a position next to the other two.

"What are they talking about?" Jade hissed at Cass.

"Holly might have fiddled about with their evolution a bit. I had to do some major re-structuring of him. They weren't happy when he dissapeared." Cass whispered back, glowering at the lizzards. She paused, "And Jaxx ate some of them" and then added "And Candice trashed a few villages.

"Oh my... No wonder they are angry." Jade gulped and looked around.

"Enough talk. We will sacrifice you. You will die and our God will return." The Huzzard said. The ensuing fight was brief and violent, ending with three unconscious dwarfers being trussed up to said earlier mentioned poles.

*** Later***

The three were untied and dumped into a large contructed cage. A lid closed over the top of them and they were left alone. It was possible to see the guards, pointy jabbing sticks and all milling about the entrance as well as the bloodies steps of the pyramid in the centre. It was shady and dark, the cage built into one of the hillsides near the great central pyramid. Jay rubbed at his ribs.


"What now." Jade said, looking about there were several others in the shadows. "We aren't alone..." She added quieter.

"They want to kill us to bring back their God." Cass grumbled.

"Didn't you... urm.. program Holly? Can't you get him to... Urm... Fix this?" Jade asked. "Maybe if we show them that we are emisaries of their God then... I dunno... They'll either kill us sooner or let us go?" Jade suggested, not really sure of the history between Cass, Holly and the Huzzards. She hoped that she'd hit upon an idea though, as it might just be their only ticket out of there alive...


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