What Luck, Even

“It’s ok. Whatever it is, it will be ok.” Jade said, putting an arm around Cass’s shoulders. “I don’t need to know why. You just need to know that it’s going to be ok. Everyone has their own demons to deal with, we are all screwed up in our own ways. Just take your time.” She looked down at the fluorescing tube tied to her belt and smiled. ’Yes, but I’m screwed up because of someone else. Fucking Brittany.’ Cass thought, simultaneously worried about Haruk capturing her again, Jay bleeding and broken on the ground, Jaxx tearing into the flesh and blood images of herself, the recent thoughts of not being her own person and the lack of sleep making her thoughts swim in circles in her mind. She heaved another shuddering breath and began to calm down slowly. They sat there for a long time, Jade with a companionable arm around Cass, who for once, let herself be comforted by the friendship. Eventually, emotionally exhausted, Cass fell asleep. Jade picked her up like a sleeping child and carried her back to camp, shooting the others with an ‘if you make noise I will hurt you’ look.

Evelina smiled at Jade as she nodded and gave Jaxx a gentle “Shhhhh” with her finger to her lips. Evelina’s gesture looked almost seductive as she looked at Jaxx. Jaxx was speechless as he looked at Evelina till she gently grabbed his hand to hold. Jamie whispered, “We should all get some shut eye before we leave. I can take the first watch if you want.” Suddenly Franky took over Jaxx’s body and whispered, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even. We need you well rested for tomorrow. Don’t stress yourself dear boy, Jaxx can take the first watch and I’ll take the second even. It’s the perk of two minds in one body even. I’ll rest up on our journey tomorrow even.” Jamie sighed as he understood the logic of the alien parasite in Jaxx and reluctantly agreed. Jade curled up with Cass by the fire as Jamie made himself comfortable by his weapons. After Jaxx took over his body again he say Indian style by the fire as Evelina rested her weary head in his lap. Evelina gently nuzzled her head in Jaxx’s lap as she smiled and whispered, “G’night Jaxx and thanks for being a good sport.” Jaxx nodded as he stroked Evelina’s black silky dreadlocks. Jaxx was amazed by how soft Evelina’s dreadlocks were as his fingers combed thru them for a few hours. It wasn’t long till Evelina was asleep in Jaxx’s lap as he watched her beautiful visage. Evelina looked very peaceful as she slept in Jaxx’s lap as her arms gently cuddling his leg like a pillow. As the moon light shown on Evelina’s skin it looked like porcelain and had a slight radiant glow about it. It was very hypnotic to Jaxx’s eyes as he watched her sleep peacefully. Of course Jaxx was also enthralled by Evelina’s scent which was both calming and desirable to him. Jaxx looked around to see Jade and Cass were both sound asleep. As Jaxx looked at the two women cuddling it almost looked like they were two sisters afraid of the dark. Jaxx wondered how long they had been close friends. Friendship was something Jaxx longed for but knew was difficult for him to have. As Jaxx reflected he remembered his first friend Davie Jones who died on this very planet before his very eyes. Since then Jaxx has only had one other friend and that was Evellina Stone. Jaxx sighed as he realized the reason the others rejected him was for the same reason Cass did. Jaxx sighed as he knew they only saw him a dangerous beast and kept him around out of necessity rather than friendship. Jaxx then looked at Jamie who appeared to be sleeping but it didn’t appear to be a sound sleep. Perhaps Jamie was a light sleeper or just a bit paranoid being in the jungle again.

As Jaxx sat with a heavy heart he heard Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even. There is no need to beat yourself up my dear apprentice.” Jaxx thought, “Sorry Franky dude. I was just like thinking.” Franky thought, “Oh my, that sounds dangerous even.” Jaxx thought, “Hey?” Franky thought, “Just kidding my dear boy even. Besides if you beat yourself up I won’t have a job anymore even.” Jaxx thought, “Ha ha very funny Master dude.” Franky chuckled and thought, “Smile when you can my dear apprentice, for these moments are but few and precious even.” Jaxx thought, “Whudda ya mean Master?” Franky thought, “My dear boy the life of a Calamar Monk is often filled with conflict and adversity so we don’t often have time to enjoy peaceful moments like these.” Jaxx nodded as he thought, “Yeah like I know whatcha mean bro. Life on the Dwarf is totally a lot like that and stuff.” Franky then thought, “All the more reason to appreciate these moments my dear apprentice. You never know when or if the next one will come even. So we must embrace them when we have them as if they will be our last even. Jaxx thought, “Wow that is totally existential and stuff Master bro.” Franky thought, “You are most kind even. I know you are feeling a bit down after what Ms. Jones told you earlier, but keep in mind you are not the only source of her pain even. She is a troubled woman with a troubled past even. So only with time and patience can you ever hope to establish a bond of friendship with her even. My advice to you my dear boy is to show her courtesy and respect even if you don’t agree with her even. If she wishes to debate with you simply follow the orders of your cute Captain even. This way you cute little dearie is covered even. “Jaxx nodded as he thought, “Most profound Master bro. So like by doing what Jay dude says she will not hate me as much?” Franky thought, “Of course even, but it will still take time. It could take as long at a decade even to win her over but it is a challenge you must take even.” Jaxx sighed as he thought, “Most profound Franky bro. I will like do my best and stuff.” Franky thought, “Good boy now get some rest even. It’s my watch now even.” Jaxx nodded as Franky took over his body. Jaxx’s conscious slowly fell into a deep slumber as Franky sat smiling and looked around before he began to meditate.

Several hours later while everyone slept, Franky was in a deep meditative state. The sun was beginning to rise as Franky heard a machine in the distance. Suddenly Franky/Jaxx opened his eyes and gently slide from under Evelina’s head as he gently lay her head on the ground. Then he carefully checked his holo whips on his back and his chains on his waist before quietly headed off towards the noise. As everyone appeared to be asleep Franky in Jaxx’s body ran quietly through the jungle heading towards the sound of the machine ahead. After a thirty minute run Franky/Jaxx found the source of the noise. It was an armored transport that had apparently gotten stuck in some quicksand. As the soldiers worked hard to pull it out with two cable pulley winches, Franky smirked patiently. After an hour or so the soldiers managed to free the transport from the quicksand. The exhausted soldiers lay weary on the ground covered in wet sand all over their armor. As the soldiers were trying to catch their breath Franky/Jaxx leapt from his hiding spot and attacked the soldiers. Using the holowhips made it easy for Franky Jaxx to knock out the soldiers quickly. After stripping the soldiers to their skivvies Franky/Jaxx used their ropes to bind them to a large tree. Once the prisoners were secure, Franky Jaxx then read their minds on how to operate the transport and see who was nearby. Franky Jaxx then loaded up the armor and clothing into the transport and began to clumsily operate it. After some practice Franky Jaxx then smirked as he said, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even won’t the others be surprised when they see what we found even.” Then Franky/ Jaxx then drove the transport back towards the camp site. It was a short trip now since the transport moved faster than Franky/Jaxx on foot. After arriving near the camp Franky Jaxx parked the transport under a tree to keep it out of site from above before he headed back to camp. Along the way Franky/Jaxx removed the military food rations from the transport and carried them to the camp to tell the others what he acquired.


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