And down a hole the hamster goes!

White Wolf wondered through the jungle for what felt like ages following the scent of hot metal. It was about evening that he came upon some wreckage. The six foot, one inch hamster perused the metal strewn about.

"This looks like the remains of a cargo container that got blown up - I'd hazard it's made by Roo tech level 7 or 8 civilization. " Thought White Wolf to himself while picking up some of the pieces of the wreckage and examining them more closely.

He spotted a dirty hand print on one side of a piece that he was examining and casually sniffed at it, "Well, definitely Humanoid. Possibly Terran. So this could be from any number of Roo cataloged humanoid civilizations that inhabit this part of the Universe. Could even be some of those JMC jackasses or other that are known to be smegging about this region of space."

He paused and sniffed at the hand print a little more closely, "But not a Blue Dwarf crew members scent that I recognize, though."

He glanced around at some of the other pieces lying about on the ground, picked up a few, turned them over in his paws while examining them, then concluded mentally, "All this stuff probably isn't from the Blue Dwarf or the Starbug that we came down in. Though some of it does look like it could be of JMC manufacture."

As he wandered over towards a larger mass of molten metal to get a closer look. Then he suddenly had another flash of memory:

"I'm getting readings of technology with some possible humanoid biosigns up ahead, though none of them have any Darkover sentient species tags for our BD crewmates." Said Candice while walking ahead of him, holding the Apad out before her in her left hand taking readings while carrying her Advanced Death & Destruction series heavy assault rifle casually in her right, "A lot of this is Darkover tagged. I wonder if this could be one of those earlier Darkover beach head installations in this universe. Hey, here's one that looks like a dropship of some kind."

"You never know, it could be. Fernando's was always a bit of a Sargasso Sea of lost space junk." Replied the Huge hamster, "We better check it out. That 'dropship' might be a simple way off this smegging backwater of a planetoid."

Quickly followed by another flash of memory:

A type 238 battlemech stood in front of White Wolf, obviously protecting an encampment and what looked like a troopship.

Behind him, Candice quickly leveled her Advanced Death & Destruction series heavy assault rifle at it.

"Don't worry, I've got this." She remarked as she quickly launched something that looked like mini missile in the type 238 battlemech's direction.

The projectile suddenly warped >through< the battlemech, struck the ship behind it and breached it's core.

"Wait, What?!?" Said White Wolf in confusion at what he just saw.

"Crap. It has Hysper warp dynamics field sheilding!" Shouted Candice trying to dive for cover as the Battlemech and the ship suddenly exploded.

And just as quickly as it started, the memory flash ended.

"Serraco and Pantheon, Great. Just great! So we have those smegheads faffing about in this part of the universe too..." muttered White Wolf to himself as he started scanning his surroundings again, "Now where the hell is Candice? She probably wasn't killed by that explosion. It'd take something more devastating than a galactic level supernova to finish off a Roo built Sembot with her auto reassembling capabilities for any length of time."

Lodged in the truck of a nearby tree, he found the Apad. It took him several minutes to claw it out and clean it off. He ran a scan searching for Candice, quickly found her. Or at least what was the largest bit that remained of her reassembling Sembotic form.

The rotund hamster squelched through toward the edge of the swampy ground, bent down and dug her head out of mud.

"About smegging time you found me!" Snapped Candice angrily with gunk dripping off her face as he held her up to his eye level.

"Well, I'm not the one who shot a Battlemech with concentrated stupid." Remarked the oversized hamster, "How long will it take for you to fully reassemble?"

"It'll be a while, the energy draining field around Fernando's slowing me down." Replied Candice spitting out some mud, "How come I got blown to pieces and you don't have a mark on you?"

"I told you, it's a long story. We've got more important priorities right now. Like finding our Blue Dwarf crew mates." Responded the outsized hamster, trudging back toward the encampments remains.

"I don't care about those smegging idiots right now - I want an answer from you right now, you overgrown rodent!" Snapped Candice.

White Wolf glared angrily at her, "Just for that crack you're going into the pouch, Miz Crank-n-Spank!", as he then began stuffing her into his cheek pouch.

"Don't you dare!", shrieked Candy in outrage, "Mifff... Mmmmm... GLarbarf..."

The humongous hamster gave a little self satisfied chuckle.

He wandered around the remains of the encampment and quickly found what looked like it's command center and entered it. After taking a short while of examining the various terminals, equipment and other things laying about before finally shaking his head, "Well the dropship is a total loss and all this junk isn't going to help us."

He consulted the Apad and muttered to himself, "Oh now there's an interesting looking underground installation. Maybe I'll find something useful over there.", he stepped outside the command center and glanced around to get his bearings to the edge of the encampment and walked a short ways into the jungle. Then rotating the Apad first this way then that in his paws for a few moments, "I need to dig in..." while raising his right paw and angling it as he figured out which direction the bunker was in relation to where he currently was, "that direction to burrow inside it."

He bent down & started digging with his two front paws disappearing from sight into the ground after a short time had passed.


OOC - White Wolf (and Candice in a pouch) are going to break through somewhere inside the bunker.

Does he pop out near Artemis's group and help there?
Do Plisken, Jay, and Tara find him and as the 'official command crew' try to figure out how to get off Fernando's with or without more mayhem?
Or does he join up with the merry Cassandra and friends for a little witty repartee?

You decide and feel free to write 'em in! ;)

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