Into The Sauce Pan

"Dude, how didja get rid of the other shark dudes?" Jaxx asked as he returned to reality, and the hallucinations he had been fighting with suddenly vanished.
"They weren't real." Jamie said, rolling his eyes at the simplicity of Jaxx' mind. Then he and Cass explained to the two of them what the room was, with Jamie offering simplified versions when Cass said something technical.
"We need to move on, we've been delayed enough here." Cass said, and everyone agreed wholeheartedly that being away from this horrible place was the best course of action.

Jaxx rubbed his cheek as he looked around and saw a distraught Evelina. Jaxx walked over to Evelina and asked, “You ok Eve babe?” Evelina looked at Jaxx with a stressed expression as she nodded yes. Jaxx could tell she was lying so he wouldn't be worried but it was obvious by the look on her face. Jaxx was nervous as he didn't know what to say as he said, “Eve…I” Evelina looked at Jaxx with sorrow in her eyes as she mustered up a brave smile and replied, “I’m just glad you’re safe now. We can talk about it later ok?” Jaxx swallowed nervously as he nodded and replied, “Chaa Eve babe.” Cass was thumbing through her terminal as she occasionally smack it around and muttered a few curses. Jamie then said, “Uh guys I think we should start moving.” Jade replied, “Why are you in a hurry to get lost? We need Cass to find a way around this place.” Jamie looked around nervously as he replied, “Well normally I would agree but it appears we are not alone.” Jaxx then pinched his nose as he replied, “What is that nappy smell again?” Jade looked around with a nervous pose as Cass finally got a better signal on her pad and saw it light up with all sorts of data. Cass then looked around and replied, “Jamie is right we are not alone.” Suddenly the halls filled with a pounding sound of something trying to get out. Jaxx yelled, “Not cool man!” Evelina muttered, “Not smegging again.” Cass yelled, “RUN!” as she bolted off away from the sound.

The crew managed to get down the hall before the doors were busted down to reveal a good thirty old, damaged and slow dragging zombies. The crew turned to see the zombies slowly following them like a herd of creepy looking senior citizens. As the crew ran away they searched for any opened doors only to find them locked or full of hungry zombies. As the crew moved from level to level they encountered more and more locked doors and zombie filled rooms. Even though it was scary the crew was a bit curious many of the zombies appeared to be dead male cross dressers wearing old and worn anime girl costumes. Granted seeing a building full of zombies was a hard enough situation to bear with but why were so many cross dressed? This question of course would later haunt some of the crew members at a later time. In the meantime the crew ran for their lives as they were slowly being chased by over a hundred zombies who literally seemed to be falling apart at the seams.

The crew was getting tired as they continued to run from the creepy looking cross dressing zombies and their thirst for flesh. Eventually they arrived at a dead end with a big door that was closed. As Cass went to work on opening it Jaxx, Jamie and Evelina looked around on how to buy some time for Cass. Evelina had her pistol, Jaxx had his chains and holo whips and Jamie had his bow. Evelina nervously looked at her pistol and then at Jaxx as she replied, “Umm Jaxx sweety? It’s ok for you to kill these things ok. Since they are dead already. I’ll give you permission.” Jaxx looked at Evelina with a state of shock and replied, “I like won’t let them touch you Eve babe.” Evelina smiled nervously as she gripped her pistol tightly and nodded. Jaxx rolled his neck and popped it as he pulled out his holo whips in preparation to fight. Suddenly Jamie got an idea as he replied, “I got an idea. Keep them off me for a minute.” Jaxx nodded as he saw Jamie messing with the pipes running along the walls of the halls. Jaxx then moved ahead as he said, “Eve babe like lay cover fire for Jungle dude while I like do my thing.” Evelina got into position and replied, “Ok just remember to keep your promise Jaxx.” Jaxx smirked as she replied, “Like Chaaaa.” As Jaxx ran up to engage the oncoming zombies Evelina guarded Jamie who was analyzing the pipes on the wall.

Jade nervously watched Cass who was working furiously on opening the door with her mad tech skills. It wasn't long before Jaxx was lashing off the limbs of the zombies and causing them to fall down on top of each other. It wasn't long before the pile of limbless zombies were making a large hill of torsos and limbs. By doing this Jaxx managed to create a barrier of body parts that made it hard for the zombies to pass through easily. After ten minutes of nonstop fighting Jaxx was getting worn out. After a while Franky took over for Jaxx so he could rest a bit. Eventually Jamie found what he was looking for and pulled out his knife and began to stab at an old pipe. Once he finally cut a hole into the pipe he yelled at Jaxx to come back. Franky quickly did a spin whip attack to remove several legs of the zombies at once. As the zombies fell to the floor Franky made a run for it to where Jamie was working. The zombies quickly gave a slow chase after Franky/Jaxx as he arrived next to Jamie who yelled at Evelina, “NOW! Then Evelina aimed her pistol at the damaged pipe and shot at it. Jamie quickly pulled Evelina and Jaxx away from the pipe as the gas leaking out ignited and caused it to spew a huge flame between them and the zombies. Jaxx looked at Jamie and Evelina as he nervously smiled and said, “Gnarly, Jungle dude.” Jamie shrugged as he stood up and brushed himself off as he replied, “That should hold them for a bit.” Jaxx (Franky switched back to Jaxx) nodded as he stood up and picked Evelina up as he dusted off his backside. Evelina smiled in relief as she replied, “Thank goodness we have a break to catch our breath. I hope this flame wall will last a bit.”

Cass then replied, “I got it.” Suddenly the door opened to reveal a control room. Everyone looked inside and felt a bit relieved to see Artemis arguing with an unusual looking AI hologram. Cass then closed the door.

He consulted the Apad and muttered to himself, "Oh now there's an interesting looking underground installation. Maybe I'll find something useful over there.", he stepped outside the command center and glanced around to get his bearings to the edge of the encampment and walked a short ways into the jungle. Then rotating the Apad first this way then that in his paws for a few moments, "I need to dig in..." while raising his right paw and angling it as he figured out which direction the bunker was in relation to where he currently was, "that direction to burrow inside it."
He bent down & started digging with his two front paws disappearing from sight into the ground after a short time had passed.

As the crew walked in Cass looked at Artemis and said, “What the smeg are you doing here all alone? As Artemis was beginning to explain his situation to the others they heard a rumbling in the air vents from above. Everyone prepared themselves for combat as the sound grew louder and louder till it moved towards an air vent hatch. The crew nervously waited as the screws on the hatch door seemed to be moving on their own. Eventually the door slowly opened up and the head of a very dirty White Wolf emerged and looked around and saw everyone relieved to see him again. White Wolf stuck out a paw and said, “Yo. What did I miss?” After getting out Artemis finished explaining the current situation while White Wolf was grooming himself and Jade was patching up any wounds the others had. Every now and then Artemis was interrupted by a muffled voice in White Wolf's pouch.

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