Five Stars of Fun, The Sequel

The Pritchards went straight to the front desk, wanting desperately to unload their luggage.

"Welcome to Paradise Resort! What is your reservation under?"

"Uh...Dr. and Mrs. Artemis K. Pritchard VI?" Artemis said.

The bubbly receptionist sorted through the database. "Here you are! Room 1219, up on the twelfth floor! Here's your room key and your welcome bag!"

The Missus grabbed the bag, and lead the children to the elevator while Artemis struggled with the luggage. After getting a few feet he looked around for a bellhop.

"YOU! PLEBEIAN! CARRY MY THINGS!" He yelled to the nearest staff member.

"Of course kind sir!" The man picked up the bags and effortlessly carried them to the waiting elevator.

"Damned showoff" Artemis mumbled under his breath, going to the elevator.

Numerous floors later

The door lock beeped, the door slip open to reveal a large, family friendly suite overlooking the rest of the resort.

"Patrino de ĉiuj aĵoj scienca, that is outstanding!" Artemis exclaimed. The Skuttlings rushed into the room and went to work discovering all of the luxuries that awaited them. The Missus and Artemis went to their room, which was kid-proofed and filled with all the luxuries a Skutter and a Brain Tank could enjoy.

"Dear, remember when I told you that there would never be a place that was properly equipped to make our family totally happy?" Artemis asked.

The Missus chirped a reply.

"I...was wrong. I was so wrong"

The duo laid down in the bed, and were enthralled in the insane softness of it. The kids raced around the room playing the appliances and the toys scattered throughout. As they damaged the room, it repaired itself, and slowly adapted to the hyper-destructiveness of the children, allowing Artemis and The Missus to finally rest.

A few hours passed, the kids eventually gravitated towards the holographic TV and watched cartoons, while their parents unwittingly slipped off into a deep sleep. Eventually, they rose, feeling reinvigorated and up to anything.

After finally unpacking, Artemis and The Missus took the children down to the beach so they could play in the sand and the surf.

Artemis, however, had to make a detour to buy them sand toys so they wouldn't end up cannibalizing some out of the furniture or the holographic resort guests. Even though they wouldn't mind, being hard light and all, Artemis still felt like he should provide damage control...just because.

Artemis dropped a bundle of toys on the store counter.

"This god is that a shotgun?" Artemis said, noticing the ornately decorated shotgun behind the counter.

"Why, yes! We have anything you could ever want!" The clerk said enthusiastically.

"Why a shotgun?"

"Because we know that you've taken a liking to destroying things!"

"What? No...not since I was a boy..."

"We know that you've been feeling old since you turned fifty, so we thought you'd like a hyper-destructive scattergun to make yourself feel young again!"

Artemis entered the store with the intent to buy sand toys...while he did leave with them, he also left with cigars (which he could actually smoke, thanks to some creative programming by the resort's creators and some drivers Artemis bought from the store), a shotgun and some ammunition, alcohol of varying types, and a disposable camera (because if he didn't take pictures of their vacation the Missus would never forgive him).

Artemis ended up lounging in sun chair, shooting at fish with explosive rounds and drinking expensive hooch, while the Missus enjoyed the sun (and the hooch of course, they were on vacation after all) and the kids caused havoc with their new toys.

It was like a dream come true.....


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