Hitting the Jay-pot

“17, Black!” the croupier announced, placing a marker on top of a stack of casino chips.
Jay punched the air gleefully as the croupier scooped the chips on the rest of the table off the board, counted out a few chips for the ‘safe betters’ who’d placed outside bets (Middle 3rd, Black, Odds, 1-18) before placing a larger stack next to the chips sat on the 17 square. Jay rubbed his hands together as they were slid across the table to him, followed by a stack of higher-value chips he’d won from betting on the ‘neighbours’ part of the board.
“WAITER!” he called. “A drink for everyone at the table!” before reaching across the table to place some more bets.
“Oh, and a digi-bev for the ‘bots and holograms!…” he nodded across to Artemis who was currently staring at the single gambling chip he had left across the other side of the table and wondering how he was going to explain it to the Missus (He’d only popped out to ask the hotel Concierge for a leaflet about local attractions for the kids and had been persuaded by Jay to join him and the others he'd invited to the Casino)
“This is the life huh?” Jay said, with a smirk as he nudged Cass in the ribs, before snatching up a cocktail from the passing waitress.
“Sure.” Cass said “If you like throwing away money on a whim.”
“Come on!” he said “Live a little, it’s not like it’s even real money!”
“He has a point Cass” Jade said, standing to Cass’ right.
“It’s money enough that we could buy food, some of which we’re sorely lacking at the moment!”
*Go on* Jamie thought.
“Cass wheeled around with a finger extended “DON’T EVEN TRY PERSUADING MY SUBCONCIOUS!” IT!” she snapped at the engineer.
“Come on!” said Jay as he stuffed his cash chips won on the last spin into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. (after cooly tossing one to the croupier as a tip) “One bet, and I promise, tomorrow we’ll do whatever YOU want!”
“Really?” Cass said flatly. “You’ll be happy to do nothing but sunbathe all day?”
“Sure!...” Jay replied “With…maybe a skydive or two…You too Tara! Get some chips on the table! You were never afraid to have a bit of fun!”
Tara sipped from her digi-bev and replied curtly “When I’m good and ready, Flyboy.”
“Sorry Phil’s not here by the way Tara” Jade said, he’s not been seen in ages, I tried to persuade Jay to go on one of his crusades to find him, but he didn’t seem concerned.”
“He’s probably dead, that’s all” Jay replied “It wouldn’t be the first time. Though…he’d be a smegload more fun than some of you at the moment, BETS. NOW!”
“ALRIGHT!” Cass snapped “LOOK, 200 resort dollars on Red, happy?”
“An outside bet? Coward.”
Cass shot him a glance.
“Got to admit Artemis” Plisken said as he threw back another Whiskey. “This isn’t a bad choice of resort. Beaches, Adventure, Nightlife. It’s got it all.”
“Yeah” Jay added “Could be worse. Imagine if Jaxx or Eve had chosen, judging by their recent form we’d all be putting our car keys in a fishbowl…aww smeg. Red?!"
Cass smirked.
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