Scutter Soufflé?

It had been too easy to fool them into thinking she was missing. She’d slipped out of the beer jug and through the venting to the apartment of the Pritchards. Mrs was there, having fallen asleep and it was too easy to lock her in the shower where she couldn’t be any harm. Rounding the kids up had taken longer. She grabbed at the scutter, its little body flailing and slammed it into the lockbox in the wardrobe. It squeaked at her in an angry fashion. She smirked. The last one stood its ground, was it Colin? Jeff? She didn’t know, they were scutters, and all looked the smegging same to her. The little goit made to bite at her ankles and she grabbed it as it realised its mistake to late.

“You I have a special place for you little brat.” She hissed, her eyes flashing so dark the little scutter could have sworn they were actually black. She slammed the little scutter into the microwave in the kitchen and programmed in a long, hot sauna for the little Artie Jr. She paused, cocking her head, and grinned evilly as the little clawed head scratched at the glass. "Looks like this time, Daddy isn't hear to save you." She grinned. Setting the timer to count down and left the room.

What she hadn't seen, not knowing the kids at all, was little Archimedes hiding under the sofa.


"Hey Artie, just so you know, I'm pretty sure I saw one of your kids down on the beach. It's getting quite late now so thought you might want to know. We wouldn't want anything to happen to the little darlings would we?" Tara said, passing Artie in the corridor on his way to his room.

"By Science! That little... Thank you Tara." Artie sped off towards the beach, away from his kids. Away from their plight, in search of a scutter on a beach who wasn't there....


OOC - Lets see if the kids can get out of this! It'd be great to see what they can do!

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