A Helping Hand

Artemis sent out a group of runners to the nearby settlements to look for the other dwarfers, giving them hand drawn portraits of everyone who was rescued by Greyman. They each had a written message....

"The battle for the Alamo is about to happen very soon, this is our chance to create our first paradox. I am preparing superweapons for the upcoming battle and could use some help, get to the Mission ASAP."

As Evelina and Jade took cover from the gun fire she reached for her MACO pistol only to find it was not by her side.

She balled up her fist as she thought, "Damn it Greyman", for ditching her pistol at the worst possible time. Granted it was one of Jaxx's guns and it was very heavy and hard to shoot straight unless you had three hundred pounds of muscle like Jaxx. However now she was unarmed and next to a gun fight. as she tried to think of something to do a few bullets flew by her head and hit the wooden posts next to her. She cringed by how close the shots were as she wiggled down more. As she wiggle down she saw a figure across the street move behind some barrels and stick out a long rifle. As she looked under the belly of the horses she could see it was the blacksmith she was with earlier.


To make things interesting he had an unusual looking rifle with a scope on it. He quickly fired a few rounds into the saloon and disarmed the gunmen by shooting off their thumbs. As the bleeding gun fighters dropped to the ground in pain the saloon patrons quickly took away their guns and held them at gun point. After seeing things calm down from a safe distance the old man looked at Evelina's direction and headed toward her to see if she was alright.

He quickly knelt down to check if she was alright and said, "Great Scott are you alright? I got here as soon as I could when I heard the gun fire."

She replied, "Umm...thanks. I'm ok."

He sighed in relief as he said, "You had me so worried for a spell."

She said, "Yeah I was too when I realized I forgot my pistol."

He pulled it out of his coat pocket and handed it to her as he said,"Yeah you must have dropped it during your dizzy spell. Of course that is not your average gun in these here part if you know what I mean."

She looked at his steampunk rifle with a scope and smirked as she said, "I could say the same for you as well."

He smirked as he said, "If I didn't know any better I'd say we had something big in common like visiting the past."

She nodded as she said, "I can't argue with that."

Jade was slightly annoyed as she said, "Are you two done flirting? Come on Eve we need to find the others."

The old man asked, "So you have friends with you as well huh? May I ask what your up to?"

Jade said, "The less you know the better off you are."

He began laughing as he said, "That's what I told my friend before I got stuck in this time."

Jade looked at him odd as she was shocked to hear what he said.

Evelina smirked as she said, "He's a time traveler too Doc."

Jade asked, "And by what means did you break the time barrier?"

He chuckled as he said, "I made a time machine out of an old DeLorean using a radioactive plutonium rod to power the flux capacitor."

Jade looked shocked as she asked, "Are you telling me that this sucker is NUCLEAR?"

He shook his hand as he said, "No, no, no, no, no, this sucker's electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I need. However I had an issue and my time machine is out of fuel and the battery is dead so I am stuck here."

Evelina asked, "So you have been here a while huh?"

He nodded as he said, "Yeah and I don't expect any help anytime soon either. So now you understand why I am curious about hitching a ride with you and your friends."

Evelina looked at Jade and said, "Well he does know the area and he runs a blacksmith shop."

Jade wasn't sure so she said, "We need to run this by Jay and Cass first."

Evelina said, "Fair enough. So Mister....? What was your name?"

He smiled as he said, "You can call me Doc B and you are?"

Evelina smiled as she said, "I'm Evelina Stone and this is Dr. Black."

He tipped his hat at them and said, "Well ladies I'll be at my forge when your ready to talk."

Then he walked off as Evelina and Jade headed into the saloon where they met up with Cass, Jamie and Sam. Once there they talked about what they just experienced. As they cleaned themselves up and tried to figure out where they were over a few drinks a dirty man dressed like a an old western scout came into the door and looked at the Dwarfers. He immediately looked at Evelina who stood out in a crowd due to her beauty. The scout reached into his bag and pulled out the pictures given to him and checked just to make sure it was her. As he looked at the other pictures he saw they also resembled Jade and Jamie as well. He nervously walked up to them and stuttered as he introduced himself to Evelina. It was obvious he was smitten towards her and was not used to seeing women that pretty in these parts.

He then told them he was a messenger and sent to find them to deliver a message from Artemis. Cass was annoyed as she snatched the paper away and read it so the others could hear.

"The battle for the Alamo is about to happen very soon, this is our chance to create our first paradox. I am preparing superweapons for the upcoming battle and could use some help, get to the Mission ASAP.


Cass replied, "Ah bloody hell."

Evelina asked, "Well we still don't know where the others are. What do we do?"

TAG (Do we look for the others? Do we head out to Artemis or do we get help from the old time traveler?)

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