Mission Preparation

"Fuck off Artemis. Have you seen any of the others?"

Artemis seemed to deflate slightly at having been recognised so easily "No, nobody other than Ransom" he replied, tersely.

"Where's he?"

"The raiders got him"

"How about Jay?"

"No idea where your beaux might have got to..." Artemis paused and frowned at Eve lolling in Mecha-Jaxx's arms "What's wrong with her?"

"Our Archiver weapon here seems to be keeping her psychicly sedated, while he fulfils his primary objective of destroying arses"


Ignoring Artemis's frankly astonished question, Cass raised her voice to address everyone "We need to find the Prince and get Ransom and anyone else who has been kidnapped back" she said, discreetly skirting the issue of killing the prince and triggering a time quake "We'll need weapons, transport and a way of tracking the raiders"

Eve's out of action for the time being, so let's run with Mecha-Jaxx

Jade: Can you help the injured man? - assuming he doesn't die, is he able to provide any help to us?
Jamie, Artemis: The Titanic might be quick, but it’s not as fast as the dirigibles – Sensor tech in this era is shit; can you think of a way to track the raiders?
Mecha-Jaxx, everyone else who hasn't been kidnapped - We need weapons and transport - the crew probably won't be all that willing to help, so what can you come up with?
Ransom and anyone else who fancies being kidnapped - how are you treated? - where do the pirates take you? - give us something interesting to work with :)


After clenching her fists Cass assessed her situation and began giving orders to the others.

Cass: Jade I need you to keep that Admiral alive. Assuming you can, we may need any info he can share with us.

Jade nodded as she was ready trying to save Admiral Wilson.

Cass: Jamie, Artemis this ship might be quick, but it’s not as fast as those dirigibles. We need to turn this tub around and follow them then find a way to track them or get us in the air.

Artemis grumbled and was about to say something when Jamie told him they didn't have time. Relutantly Artemis gave in and ran off with Jamie.

Cass looked at Mecha-Jaxx holding Evelina and the others nearby.

Cass: We need weapons if we are going to fight these guys. So see what you can scrounge up.

Mecha-Jaxx looked at Cass then Evelina in his arms as he assessed the order requested by Cass. After agreeing with the task at hand he turned around and began scanning the area for usable weapons. As he slowly walked around he found a large netted basket used for towels and brought them to Jade. He then dumped them nearby in a large pile by her before putting Evelina in the basket. The he reached into the Admiral's bloody jacket and gently retrieving his shoulder holster and pistil with two ammo clips in it. Then Mecha-Jaxx retrieved the Admiral's assistant of his weapons as well despite his objections. When the assistant tried to object Mecha-Jaxx told him he needed them to fight the raiders. Reluctantly the assistant gave up his shoulder holster with his pistol and clips. Then Mecha-Jaxx put the weapons in the basket and carried it down a ways as he would stop to pick up any stray weapons he could find. As he scanned the area he found a good number of pistols but unfortunately they were out of ammunition, but collected them anyway in case any ammo was found. He scanned each deck as he made his way down. The dead pirates he found had a few exotic weapons like smaller Gatlin guns, shotguns and 50 cal. rifles even though they were almost out of ammo. In another section of the ship he found several dead bodyguards and relieved them of their weapons.

Some of the ships officers were terrorfied of Mecha-Jaxx as he looked like a creature from a horror movie and avoided him. His body was riddled with holes and his metal exoskeleton was showing. As he collected weapons from all over the ship his basket was getting sightly heavier. It took about an hour but as he brought the basket back up to the top deck he had found over 30 pistols ranging in caliber and size, six shotguns, nine rifles, two small harpoon rifles, nine flare guns and a Tesla stun gun. The main problem was the lack of ammo available. Only six pistols had three full clips each and the rest had a few round in each gun. Their were just a handful of shells for the shotguns and rifles. The Gatlin Gun was jammed after a bad round jammed the chamber and the 2 harpoon guns were only good for two hundred feet. As Mecha-Jaxx showed Cass what he found he pulled Evelina out of the basket and gently laid her by a wall before he began separating the usable weapons with ammo from the unusable weapons. After that he went to work trying to fix the Gatlin gun.


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