Titanic upon Kingston?

Jade wiped her hands on one of the cleaner towels brought and piled up by the thing that was killing Eve. She drew her and across her face and leaned back. He was stable, would need medical help from whatever passed as a hospital these days on a cruise ship though.

“We need to get him to whatever passes for a medical facility here. He’s stable enough for transport, but needs some rest under observation before he wakes up.” Jade wiped her hand across her brow again. Some of the men with Admiral Wilson began to grab towels and form a makeshift stretcher for the man.

“What did he say? Can he help us?” Cass asked, pulling the long coat she had found around herself in the heat. Jade frowned.

“Well, mostly aargh, ouch and oh god please let me die…” Jade said, looking around the punctured deck for shade.

“Yes, but what about the pirates? What about the Prince?” She pushed.

“Cass. He was shot. He’s going to be in no position to tell us anything for a good few hours.” Jade said, edging towards the shattered remnants of a deck umbrella.

“Are you ok?” Cass said, looking at the uncomfortable doctor.

“Not really, I’m not usually this exposed in this much sunshine. I’ll turn into a crisp if I stay in the sun any longer.” She said, ducking into the shade of the broken umbrella. Cass at this point had the wherewithal to blush as she realised that she was not the only Blue Dwarfer who was wearing a skimpy outfit, Jade had after all been one of her backing dancers. Before she could reply though, Jamie came panting out onto the desk out of breath.

“I need a clothes hanger, a screwdriver, some duct tape, that man’s false leg and a diamond.” He said, feverishly hunting around and pointing to one of the men who was limping whilst carrying one corner of the Admirals makeshift stretcher.

“I.. what?” Jade said, blinking at the crazed engineer.

“No time! Losing altitude… Jamaica…” He babbled, rugby tackling the man with the false leg. Cass was quick enough on her feet to grab the towel before the Admiral suffered more injuries.

“Mr Eastlick. Expediency would be nice!” Came Artemis’ slightly panicked voice over the loudspeakers. Jade peeped over the edge of the deck and sure enough she could see the island of Jamaica looming closer and closer….


OOC – We are crashing. Can you save us before the capital of Jamaica becomes Titanic upon Kingston?

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