Follow the Skeleton!


Finklestein cackled, his voice nearing the sound of hysteria. “Disguises!” He rubbed his gloved hands together. “Of course, they could be permanent, too . . .” he let his voice fade suggestively eyeing the newly transformed lot.


"Let's hope not!" said Yeldarb, 30s, 5'7", lean built, walking up behind Joribel dressed as Edward Scissorhands. "I don't want to be stuck with THESE", he said looking down at his hands. He coughs into his elbow to avoid cutting his face and almost choking on the gas.

Finklestein cackled again. Yeldarb turns to Jack, "You know, I still haven't figured you out yet, Me Lado. How the smeg are we supposed to trust a walking skeleton?"

Jack's eyes narrow.

"I mean, you got Mr. Harris over there looking all frogish and the rest of us looking utterly ridiculous. How is this supposed to help us infiltrate a secure, electromagnetically shielded computer, embedded in a garbage ball?" exclaimed Yeldarb as he pointed one of his scissor fingers at Jack.

Yeldarb walks over to Captain Ferrington-Blonde and Justin Pancake. "Were these two gouts supposed to be in disguise too?"

He walks over to Dr Finkelstein. "You've just done a real bang-up job here, haven't you, you gout?"

Yeldarb turns and walks to the door, right through the center of the group. "Excuse me kind sir but the whole purpose of locking us in here was to force us into these ridiculous costumes. Now that we all look utterly smegging hideous, can we go now?" he says as he knocks on the big metal door.

Finklestein pulls a level next to him and the metal door rises.

"Come on Skellington, we don't have all night, you smelly gout. Get us to this moronic gathering already."

Jack makes his way to the front of the group and leads them out.


As they near the garbage ball, Jack springs with an idea. "What if we mix Christmas and Halloween themes?"

"Haven't you already done enough?" Yeldarb exclaims.

"It's just that, we need to go through the party and get to the other side. You wouldn't have made it without these disguises. It's all about blending in." Jack replies.

"Lead the way, your expert skeletoness."

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