Hello Sandy Claws!


With that there was a metallic shriek of metal as Sandy Claws burst out of the cage with an explosive yell of triumph. It shrieked with delight and all of the people below, with the exception of the Dwarfers, chorused a reply.

“Ho. Ho. Ho. Have you been good?” It bellowed across the expanse of hall, cocking an AK47 and aiming it at the crowd.


"Are you smeging serious?" Yeldarb says as he looks back at the machine gun wielding Santa.

"Forget about that Santa, we need to get out of here and do what we came to do." Joribel said, tugging at Yeldarb's arm.

The dwarfers reach a big metal door. Joribel begins searching for the door handle but there doesn't seem to be one present. Yeldarb begins searching with him.

"Hey Skellington, where the smeg is the handle to open this bloody thing?" Yeldarb replies.

"Or is there some kind of magic word or something." Jeribel responds.

Skellington calmly walks through the crowd of dwarfers and up to the door. "Why, follow your nose of course." Jack replies.

"Follow our noses, what kind of bloody nonsense is that?" Yeldrab replies, then thinks for a moment. Yeldarb sniffs into the air and smells gingerbread cookies. Yeldarb looks on at the Machine Gun Santa, noticing something vaguely written on the back of Santa's neck.

"You want us to take down Santa Claus, don't you? How did I know that? I must be a smegging genius." Yeldarb replies looking at the Machine Gun wielding Santa Claus.

Yeldarb looks to the group,

"Ok, so which one of you brave and wonderful people want to go take down the manically insane, machine gun wielding, Santa Claus?"

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