Bad Santa

Jade gaped up at the figure caged in the sleigh above.

“Oh… Poor Santa…” She said, the little frog cradled in the crook of her arm gave a menacing, warning croak. Well, it would have been menacing if it had come from a Rottweiler or an angry Marine. “What’s that Toto?... “ The frog looked up at her and glared. “Oh… Right… Sorry. Major, what is it?” The frog lifted up a little froggy leg and pointed to the sleigh. Jade looked and paled slightly. Before she could point it out, Cass grabbed at her arm.

“Come on Jade… We need to get across the hall.” Cass tugged at Jade’s elbow and reluctantly they began to weave their collective way across the hall.

*Clank.* It was harder than they first thought, the throng of bodies, wings, limbs and tentacles was oddly pleasing. Several times Cass has to let go of Jade and grab hold of Jamie as he was accosted by an errant dancer. *Clank* Jade having to do the same, lunging after Joribel and Yeldarb and hauling them back into the main group of Dwarfers. *Clank*.

“Honestly, it isn’t safe! We need to secure those guy ropes and chains before… Oh… Oh dear…” Joribel gabbled and broke into a sprint, forcing his way through the crowd.

“Oh. Fucking great.” Cass grumbled, letting Jamie’s collar go and rubbing her temples. *Clank* “It wouldn’t be so bad if I could get rid of that pounding noise in my head.” She huffed.

“No… That’s what I was trying to point out before… That noise it's not in your head. It’s not actually Santa. It’s some sort of mechanoid construct.” Jade said, casting her gaze upwards at the now directly above them sleigh. *Clank*. The thing in the cage was trying to break it’s way out. The music playing changed, the band striking up a new, but familiar tune, although the words were different in a most distressing way.

He knows when you are sleeping.
He knows when you’re on the can.
He’ll hunt you down and blast your ass, from here to Pakistan.
You’d better not breathe, you’d better not move.
You’re better off dead, I’m telling you dude.
Sandy Claws is gunning you down!

With that there was a metallic shriek of metal as Sandy Claws burst out of the cage with an explosive yell of triumph. It shrieked with delight and all of the people below, with the exception of the Dwarfers, chorused a reply.

“Ho. Ho. Ho. Have you been good?” It bellowed across the expanse of hall, cocking an AK47 and aiming it at the crowd.


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What is Sandy Claws going to do next?

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