“Shut down whatever it is that's killing my men” Thorran bellowed at Artemis, poking the back of his tank with his gun.

“They're our men” Zarrack insisted

“Whatever” Thorran snapped irritably “We don't have time for this”

“Well, I think we should make time”

“Would you shut the fuck up?”

They were up in the deserted Drive Room, having marched Artemis there at gunpoint as soon as the killings had begun and roughly manhandled him into position him in front of one of the command consoles.

“Now, floating fish tank squashy brain thing” Thorran barked, poking Artemis in the back again for good measure “Deactivate those bloody ghosts”

“I can't” Artemis protested “I've told you, I don't have *hic* access”

“Don't give us any of you lip, sunshine” Zarrack snarled “Do as you're told”

“Or were you lying about being smart, Mr. Fishy Brain?”

“I don't -” Artemis began, but the sound of Thorran's weapon powering up behind him made him reconsider what he was about to say and, with a weary sigh, extended his I/O connector towards the console's command port.

Holly flickered onto one of the screens nearby.

“Oi,” the AI protested “Don't you go putting that thing anywhere near me – I've read your file and know all about what you did with that poor skutter, you bloody pervert”

Artemis pulled himself up, trying to muster a bit of dignity “The Missus loves me very much” he said stiffly “Having children was *hic* her idea”

“Dirty bugger” Holly nodded “It's people like you who give cyborgs and pop-up toaster fetishists a bad name”

“Cease your inane prattle” Thorran yelled “Deactivate your ghosts now!”

“Ain't going to happen” Holly nodded smugly “That'll need the Captain's authorisation”

“Yeah, you see?” Artemis said “Told you I don't have access”

“Do it now” Zarrack said to Holly “Or the floating pervert here dies”

Over to you Artemis – Looks like Holly doesn't like you enough to spare a Wraith
Is he just messing with you, or can you think of another way to get out of this one?

and there ends the post frenzy
if someone haven't been mentioned, feel free to write them in wherever you like

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