Below the Bar

“Is that…?” Jade asked, astounded.

“Don’t say it.” Jay said.

“Is it eating…” Cass began.

“Don’t say it.” Jay added firmer. Jamie burst out laughing and the object of their amazement looked from its position at the back of a dead sheep, and glared at them. It had blood and mud smeared along its face in what could be tribal ways, and what looked to be the ravaged remains of a testicle unfinished stuck to its chin.

“Look at him. It’s an exact copy of you… except bald.” Jamie said though gasps of air in the laughter, hand on Jay’s shoulder.

“What in the name of… Fuck!” Cass said, her and Jade automatically diving out of the way of the midget copy out of habit. Except it didn’t go for the girls. It went straight for the crotch of the nearest guy, Jay, sharp pointed fangs bared, savaged sheep testicle flopping against its chin as it ran towards them.

“Oh smeg this.” Jay said, levelling the pistol he carried at the midget and hitting it square between the eyes. It keeled over and was still.

“What was that about?” Jade asked.


“I’m not sure. I’ve not read through all the records yet.” Said Cass rapidly scanning through the terminal she carried for anything relevant.


“Anything?” Jay asked, fighting the urge to cup himself in protection in case there were any more around.

“Nothing yet…Oh.. Wait a moment…” Cass said, her brow furrowing into concentration.


“Uh… Guys... It’s not alone.” Jamie said, elbowing Cass and pointing towards the treeline nearby.

“Oooompa… Loooompa!” Came the deep and varied chorus from the treeline. Several dozen midget crewmen were slowly coming out of the treeline, drawn by the gunshot and the sound of male voices…

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