Trolls can be Midgets too.

Suddenly, Talon lowered a shoulder, ramming Officer Justice to the ground. The other security officers were taken off guard by the impulsive move. By the time they had gathered their wits, Talon was halfway to the shuttle bay. Turning, he hoped the others were following. If not, he just got himself into deeper shit. Ultimately, Talon wished he had some support in his lower regions as he ran.

"Your technique was off." Cass said as she caught up with him. The rest of the group were there too, Jamie shook his hand and rubbed his knuckles, and glanced back at the other Officer he'd just punched.

The doors to the shuttle bay opened as they got within range of its sensors. Ahead of them was a blue midget, parked up with the boarding ramp open, and the fueling pipe still dripping fresh fuel.

"Open invitation." Cass tutted, shaking her head.

"That one." Jade said, pointing at a pristine Starbug, looking like it had only just rolled off the production line. It had probably just had a fresh coat of paint, but the image was there.

"I'll catch up." Jamie said, and darted towards the readied midget, while the others headed towards the pristine starbug. They moved, without looking back, because waiting for him would have been nice.

It took Cass all of three seconds to hotwire the doors to open and let them in, all the while Talon was rocking the birthday suit, and Jade was flashing a dangerous amount of thigh, whether intentional or not. As soon as the door was open, Cass held the door open for a moment to let the others in, then barged her way in first as they began to move. The whole scene was smooth, and an onlooker might have assumed it was planned.

Before they had finished piling in, Jamie cleared his throat, subdueing a snigger as he closed the door behind them.

"What did you do?" Jade asked him, as she saw the wide grin on his face.

"None of your business." He replied with a grin, and motioned to a window facing the Blue Midget that the Captain had obviously planned for them to take. he then walked over to the engineering console of the bridge, and sat himself down, ignoring everyone else.

Outside the window, as everyone was looking, the Blue Midget was sat still, and none of them noticed that it had moved from its original position. A couple of crew members walked towards it, and as they got within a few metres of the door, it got up and walked away from them, then sat down again. Before they had got the Starbug ready to go, the midget had done the same thing twice more, and was walking in circles around the shuttle bay, just to get away from the potential pilots.

"pre-flight checks?" Talon asked from the primary pilots seat. Tanaka opened his mouth to respond from the co-pilot seat.

"screw you." Jamie responded, interrupting Tanaka, sitting with his feet up on the console.

"You got the hang of this quickly, unless you're just a natural asshole." Cass commented from the science console.

"Takes one to know one." he responded.

"If we survive this, everyone is going to want to kill each other afterwards." Jade idly commented, as the 'bug rose and shot towards the exit.

The coordinates they had been forbidden to go to loomed up out of space quickly, and without any obstacles to reaching it. There hadn't even been enough time to throw many insults around, but the team's negative Karma was reaching epic proportions. Ahead of them spun an old space station. A tall structure, with three rings spread equidistant down its length, none of them quite completing the circle, and each gap was at a different position. At one end was a spherical structure, which glowed faintly from the internal lights that were still running.

As they approched, the ring that they headed for conveniently spun to reveal the opening, and a neatly labelled hangar bay loomed up from the shadow. The ship touched down without incident, and following a minor struggle to be the first one out onto the strange station, was deserted, save for a few unmoving bodies littering the floor.

Jade moved over to one, and checked it.

"Dead." she said with little obvious feeling behind it, and then kicked the body for good measure.

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