Awe and Wonder

Talon returned with a bottle of water for Cass. He didn't like how his male part tended to freely bounce as he walked. Talon handed the bottle to Cass so that she could rinse. He was glad he wasn't tied together with her at the moment. Although, her breath would have wilted those plants.

Talon was struck in awe of Plisken, who had just entered the scene, receiving a kiss from Cass. What had the old man that Talon didn't? Gray hair? A shaggy beard? Although, Talon couldn't seem to grow stubble if he strained at it. What was it the old man had. Whatever it was, Talon had a new hero.

"You'll have to teach me how you got her to kiss you," Talon remarked to Plisken.

Yes, the kiss. Plisken was wondering that himself. He enjoyed it and it did calm things down. That was obviously her plan, although it did stir things up in his old body. Plisken simply grinned and nodded at Talon. It must be my animal magnetism.

Was he imagining things? Or, was Jade a little overly concerned about Cass? She was another sexy lady. She seemed a little conservative at first, but really turned on the nastiness by the time they had left. As Jade squatted by Cass, Talon snickered as he heard a distinct rip coming from underneath the long coat she wore. He remembered how she appeared to be poured into the suit. Then he remembered he was still showing everything and needed to focus on other things.

They seemed an odd team: two sexy women, an old man, and someone inexperienced in life. As odd as they were, Talon was about to offer to fly them to the karma zone, when Claude had pointed them out, as if Talon hadn't stuck out like a sore thumb.

Talon listened as the security team started with the charge to Plisken. Then he added Cass as an accomplice. It seemed logical, since she kissed the man afterwards.

When he called Jade an accomplice, Talon had a hard time accepting that. After all, Jade was backstage until everything was mostly over.

The last straw was naming Talon an accomplice. "Now wait one fucking minute, Officer..."

"Justice," the officer finished the sentence. "Be careful how you speak to us."

"I beg to differ, Officer," Talon complained. "This is not Justice!"

"My name's Justice, Officer Justice."

"Oh..." Talon embarrassingly exhaled. Then he continued his stand for justice. "How could I've been an accomplice when they," Talon pointed to Claude, "had me chained up? And she," he pointed at Cass, "laid a whipping on my ass!"

Cass shot Talon a dirty look. He better watch his step.

"As much as I admire them both," Talon admitted, pointing to Cass and Plisken, "I understand their involvement. But me and the lady," he motioned to Jade, "didn't have time to be involved."

"Not my concern," Officer Justice stated matter-of-factly.

They had just been contemplating disobeying the Captain's orders. Now, these yokes were going to send them to do what the Captain ordered not to do. So, should they go willingly with these officers and go to the karma field? If they did that, they'd be following security's orders. If they did that, would bad karma come around. This was becoming very confusing for Talon.

It was then Talon got a brash idea. Why not disobey the Captain and not comply with Security at the same time. The could pilfer a shuttle. He and Tanaka could fly. Why not?

Suddenly, Talon lowered a shoulder, ramming Officer Justice to the ground. The other security officers were taken off guard by the impulsive move. By the time they had gathered their wits, Talon was halfway to the shuttle bay. Turning, he hoped the others were following. If not, he just got himself into deeper shit. Ultimately, Talon wished he had some support in his lower regions as he ran.

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