What's An Anomaly, Type X?

'Query,' said Jade, 'What is Anomaly ZZ-4?"

'Anomaly ZZ-4 is a spacial anomaly, Type X. ZZ-4 designated Codename: Endless Knot. Further information is restricted on this terminal.'

'Doesn't tell use much,' admitted Jade.

'Looks like we will have to go deeper then,' said Thomas.

Talon snickered as he confirmed, "You've already gone pretty deep with Cass there on stage. I seen that tongue action." He winked at Plisken, admiring the man for that.

"Tanaka, that's the most you've worked in quite a while," Talon continued.

Tanaka gave Joss a deadpan look. He certainly didn't like being used in this fashion, especially since he wasn't given a choice.

While the others were dealing with Tanaka and the terminal, Talon was busy with his own query. He was looking at the less gruesome dead bodies, sizing them up. Laying next to one, with no visible means of death, Talon was satisfied. He stripped the corpse and clothed himself. Talon was ecstatic that he was finally covered, because he was chafe. Not just the wrists and ankles from the chains, but other regions were sore from the constant rubbing. It felt good to once again have those covered.

Talon walked up to Jade and slapped her rear. After all, Talon had to keep the good karma flowing. He didn't think stealing clothes from a corpse was bad enough to bring the reverse karma.

"Would you please keep your hands to yourself?" Jade asked, a bit miffed. She'd rather have someone else doing that, but not here. If only Cass understood the message Jade had attempted to give her in that strip joint.

"You know, I think these people all died because they were too nice to each other," Talon offered as if he were an expert. "They couldn't pick up on this reverse karma thingy." He really wasn't sure, but it sounded good. He wanted to sound smart to the others. The way to sound smart is to theorize, right?

Talon began a swing toward Cass' backside that never reached its target, mainly because the look Cass shot at him would have melted an ice statue in a cold storage locker set at subzero temperature. Talon just gave a nervous grin and turned away.

"If you don't fucking mind," Cass intoned, "we're trying to solve the mystery of this station. Make yourself useful."

Talon turned to Jaime, wondering what a pilot could do here. He had flown them here. Flying was what he knew. The engineers took care of the technical stuff. Maybe someone could walk him through what to do.

"All I know is flying," Talon quietly admitted to Plisken.

"Then can you be quiet and let the experts handle this?" Plisken asked, looking at Cass.

"Okay," Talon stated, "I'll bite. What's a type X spatial anomaly and how do we stop it?"

"I'm surprised you heard that while you were doing your clothing shopping," Jade suggested in a manner of disgust.

"Query! Would you rather I still be uncovered?" Talon shot back at Jade.

It was the depersonalized voice of Tanaka that responded, "Query does not compute."

Talon looked at Jaime and Jade, whom he considered the most intelligent of the bunch of them. "So what do we do now?"

OOC: How does this ragtag team save the day?

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