Frozen Stiff

Tanaka had already been feeling a little frigid by the time they had reached the docking bay, but now his joints were getting stiff and it was getting harder to simply walk. When one of the aliens knocked out Dick, Tanaka tried stepping forward but his knee refused to bend. So instead he sorta stumbled forward and fell. He couldn't move now. The cold had finally locked him up.

The aliens looked at Tanaka. "This creature appears to have died. I am detecting no sign of life. Recover it for study." Two of them went over and picked up Tanaka's stiffened form. Tanaka felt utterly annoyed as the creatures manhandled his frostbitten limbs.

"Gather the rest, they will face judgement." The alien who seemed to be in command ordered. And the others were quickly herded onto the alien ship.

Meanwhile, on the Starbug, O'Malley and Pickman watched as their friends and the strange fat man in nothing but pants were hauled away. Then O'Malley spotted a set of aliens making their way to the Starbug.

"What're we going to do?" Pickman asked.

"I think it's time for the thing." O'Malley said.

"Not the thing!" Pickman complained.

"Don't be so dramatic, it's not going to hurt!"

"It always hurts!" Pickman continued to complain.

O'Malley produced a snow globe from his labcoat and grinned. "Okay, get ready." He turned the globe over and flicked a small switch. The Snowglobe began to buzz and shot out of O'Malley's hand and began to hover in the air. "Let's get going, my friend. No time to dally!"

Pickman sighed and followed O'Malley as they stood under the snow globe. A beam of light shot out from underneath it and suddenly Pickman and O'Malley disappeared. The globe then descended and landed on the nearby table just as the aliens entered. They made a sweep of the starbug and, upon finding no one, proceeded to leave. But one of them spotted the snow globe on the table and inspected it.

Inside it could see a small recreation of the city of Seattle, Washington with two small humans posed on the front. He gave the snow globe a shake and now flecks of snow and the two figures began to tumble around inside the globe. Amused, the alien stuffed the globe into a pocked on his suit and left the starbug.

Inside the globe Pickman had nearly been impaled on the space needle. He looked over to O'Malley who was dusting fake snow off his lab coat and said: "It still hurts."

So aliens have taken us. What next?

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