A snob and her virtue

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Winifred’s attention was split between Artem and Lars; partially because she wanted to keep an eye on Artem, and partially because Lars required attention out of respect. It was a charitable act, the way Lars was so forgiving of the words previously spoken to her. It made Winifred smile to herself, silently wondering what the individual has had to endure in life. The thought of the imperfect union Lars spoke of, made her face twist in disgust/terror. Crossing her legs as if imagining the awful pain that would come from that, she winced and looked at the ground.

“Is that really necessary? I mean; none of us have anything to hide from each other” The blood rushed to her face, causing a perfectly pink tone that spread down her neck in embarrassment and shock. Of course there had been flirtation, and it wasn’t the first comment she has received like that from a man, but it was the first from Artem. Refusing to make eye contact, she just stared in utter shock at Lars- her mouth in a tight line. It wasn’t even that she didn’t feel the same way, it was just unexpected. Clearing her throat, she gave a shy laugh, incredibly fake sounding, and stepped closer to Lars as if she would shield her.

"Alright Honey, get undressed. I don't want your current...garb to interfere with my measuring. Nobles have formfitting clothes, for we have nothing to fear should someone see us." Stepping into the space with Lars, she faced the individual with her back to the screen. In fear of anyone seeing her stark naked, she put a hand on her hip and gave a scowl. “I’ll have you know, this isn’t just a garb, it is a suitable outfit for someone who wants to remain unnoticed and it keeps the prying eyes from men away from my figure!”

Realizing that it wouldn’t change the fact that she had to get naked, she swallowed hard, and breathed out an apology. With shaky hands she started at the leather laced up front of her dress, and untied the back of the high neckline on her dress, allowing the ‘garb’ to loosen even further. The front opened up, and her pale petite frame was revealed to Lars. Refusing to make eye contact, she stepped out with wobbly legs, and stood straight. Her breasts were perky, but would be measured at 32 inches, and her band measurement at 30 inches. Her full body frame would be 30-23-32, providing an hourglass figure.

Looking down at her pale body, she looked back up and in a helpless whisper pleaded, “I don’t want to be showing too much, I still have my virtue.” Her eyes darted up to the ceiling in slight embarrassment. “I am bloody rounding on four centuries of life, and I have yet to give my purity away,” shaking her head and closing her eyes, a sigh was released. Looking at Lars, she spoke to the individual like she was speaking to herself at this point. “That is okay though. After all,” sucking in a sharp breath, “who would want to marry a snob like me?”

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