Through the Door

-Dalen Capital, Lower Quarter. Night, 2 DSTR-

"I do not know anything about magic. But we could just blast the door open," Lafayette suggested harshly.
Kalena's eyebrows rose slightly at his tone; she'd not seen him angry before, and he certainly was now. The habitual bon vivant look on his face had vanished and he looked almost as consumed with wrath as Kline. Kalena wanted these people stone cold dead for daring to kill one of her guests on her property. She was less angry at the attempted assault on Eliza as she was at the missing hounds and the Drow elf's parting words that they had got what they needed. Had they been after the hounds all along? It was enraging for Kalena to imagine that she had been entirely manipulated over the course of this whole affair; if this were the case her vengeance would be most brutal and thorough, to say the least.

At Eliza's crying she frowned, not in any proper mood to offer the sympathy and compassion Eliza deserved. She whispered to her crossbowman, “Take Lady Telsana back to the villa and see that she is given every comfort there until we return. Tell her that she still has an important role in this to play. That if no one hears from us within the next day she must go to the Queen and tell Her Majesty all that has happened. And if you find Count Soldor is still on the premises, tell him that he damn well needs to make his way down here immediately.”

The man nodded, and the party soon rode off with the wounded, taking Eliza with them.

“We do not have time,” Kline said, and he picked up his blade. “We will just have to see what happens when we break it down.” He turned and walked to the door.

“I'm not sure brute force will do much good,” Kalena said, shaking her head. “It is a magic door after all.”

Kline's first kick was met with a ripple of green energy that knocked him back. When he was on his feet he attacked the door again, hitting it with the sword. The blade hacked at the wood, sparking ethereal energy until there was a crack and the door fell open.

“Well... I stand corrected.” Kalena warily walked over with her sabre at the ready. “I suppose there is something to be said for the simplest and most direct approach. And I've always thought magic to be a bit overrated.”

Kline looked at Layfaette, Kalena, Gularzob, and the others. “You do not have to go if you do not want to, but I must.”

“I'm not one to turn away from what needs doing,” Kalena said angrily. “Van was a guest in my home and his safety was my responsibility! And I certainly am not leaving here without those hounds. I couldn't even if I wanted to!” As Kline walked through, she turned to Lafayette and Gularzob. “Kline is right; neither of you are under any obligation to pursue this business any further. In fact, the Dubois Trading Company would probably object to you risking your life unnecessarily, Lafayette. Feel free to return to my home and make sure Eliza is alright. The same goes for you, Gular. I invited you to my home for a relaxing evening – not to risk your life against my enemies. And it seems that I have far more of them than I realized,” Kalena said in parting as she turned and cautiously entered through the broken doorway.

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