The Dread Bargain

Cali raised her arms. While she continued to snake her dark tendrils of magic into the vessel and through the undead she made no open attacks against her companions. She was clearly at war as much with herself as with them. Suddenly her eyes growing wide in what appeared to be horror she clutched her breast with both hands.

"ENOUGH!" she cried in the voice of the goddess and it was unclear who those words were for. She drew her arms wide then and each she held a pendant. One was the familiar device that bound her to Olin the second an unfamiliar item.

"No." screamed Tiella her eyes suddenly wide with terror.


"What the..." Balar began to turn just as Tiella struck him about the side of the head with a heavy timber she then bent to pick up his weapon all the while glaring daggers at the witch.

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