(Semi) Mortal Kombat!

Things had gone downhill fast and now the worst had happened. “Awe hell …” He grumbled. The mage’s body moved on its own accord in a puppet-like fashion. Too used to this feeling he knew better than to fight it and given the power behind the command he honestly did NOT stand a chance to even hesitate as he lifted off floating up into the air the wind whipping up in a roar.

“Fire and Ashes!” Varan called, shielding her eyes. “Olin! WHY?”

Of course, by now Olin couldn’t hear a thing. He was less of thinking human being and more of an extension of Cali/Hela. Yeah, he was reduced to meaty magical friggin wand! The clouds turn dark and lighting craked. The oceans turned chopped rocking the boat.

“NO!!” Varan called, her eyes wide with horror. “No!” Truth be told, until that point, she hadn’t been in a hurry to get her ass handed to her by Cali. She’d rushed into one fight and learned it shortened her life considerably, a harsh sidelong glance was shot to the full elf with this recognition. The shards in her back ached as if to constantly remind her. She wasn’t eager to foolishly do the same a second time. But now, this… this Hel was threatening a half-elf worthy enough of a full human’s love AND Olin, the mage whose magic stirred her like never before. Both worth dying for, made less altruistic by the fact that Harlequin had said she only had a month at best as it was. Her eyes widened again. Harlequin, of course!

“ENOUGH OF YOU!” Varan called back to the love of Olin’s life “Face me, demon of death, devourer of souls and sins!” Inky black ice coursed through the half-elf’s veins, bursting forth from the skin of her hand into claws razor sharp. She glanced once over at the Jotunn, cursing his reprieve.

With her other hand, she dug deep into the leather pouch bound to her hip til her fingers found the glass of elixir. Without second thought she drank, the sweet liquid warming a path from her lips to her stomach. Smashing the vial to the ground, something else entirely now coursed through her veins, something strong and indescribable, and with it came an inscrutable confidence. The demigoddess demon would be defeated.

The succubus held two stones, she’d held them when calling upon Olin and Tiella. One green, one orange. With her eye on retrieving both baubles, Varan leapt like a cat, swiping claws to clash with obsidian tendrils. Hellbent on retrieving the stones to release whatever hold the new monster had on Olin and the other half elf, she could then deal with Cali herself. “If it bleeds, it dies!”

Olin hung in the air swaying live a hovering bird, veins glowing bright blue as the sky opened up cold torrential rain pouring down. The swell of the ocean grew deep violently rocking the ship and waves cresting and washing over the deck. The clouds started to twist in an unnatural way as Olin working to create a tornado.

Varan closed in, power she never felt before fueling every step, leaving behind her a dark, icy path as she continued her attack. “GIVE ME THE STONES!” She demanded, sharp shards of shadowy ice shooting from her fingertips into Cali’s body until she reached her mark, grabbing hold of the witch’s hands in her own as the two struggled. “YOU... WILL...GIVE ... ME ...THE STONES!”

((JP with Winters & Blitzen)

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