A Departure

"Wait." Radis said as the group made ready to continue their journey.

"What is it friend?" Balar asked seeing the that the dwarf had something on his mind. Radis looked at his feet for a moment as if weighing his words. When he finally spoke it was to Dyvia.

"This path is not mine to tread. I have made a vow to protect you so will do so in my own way."

He fumbled in his pockets and brought out a leather pouch that he handed to the Smith.

"These are runes of summoning, each having a single use. There are six in all and you should only use them at great need. They are my greatest achievement."

"Are you leaving us?" Tiella asked.

"Would you ask me to remain knowing what you face?" Tiella did not answer and he gave a nod, "I pray our paths cross again."

And with that Radis turned his back and walked back into the darkness of the caves.

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