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Summary: Fat smiling dwarven engineer who seeks redemtion

Radis Holbrok

Gender: Male

Age: 51

Group: None Player Characters




Arcane Engineer


Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Portly would be kins to refer to this large round dwarf. Soft brown eyes sparkle behind dark hair and beard shot with touches of silver tied in sensible braids. Well tailored embroidered wool clothes (picked by his sister) are covered by a heavy leather apron scarred from use but well kept.

Personality and interests

Radis is friendly and affable, able to hide his natural disdain for things and folk undwarven. His sharp mind and quick wit make Radis a sought after drinking companion and an effective engineer. He would be a paragon in his clan but for his well documented terrible luck and unfortunate taste for gambling and strong drink.


Brought up in the mountain hold of Clan Broer Radis was born to a poor miner and his wife along with two older sisters and a younger brother. Never getting the hang of letting his social "betters" rise above him Radis made few friends until his brilliance earned him a scholarship to learn at Caldera Forge a most prestigious and advanced enclave of runic and elemental magic.
Exuberance and intrest could not carry Radis forever and his questing inquisitive mind asked hard questions of his instructors alienating him. He graduated as an accredited Runesmith but was not offered a position at Caldera or recommended for royal appointment. Taking a job with Rockheart Lock&Door Inc Radis was soon earning a sizable salary and spending it.
Radis was able to secure his fathers retirement and expand the family cave. He also became a regular at the Blind Carp Taverns back room game of dragondice.
His mother fell ill. Expenses mount and a bad night at the dice table found Radis in serious debt to serious dwarves. Drunk, he had bet the family home. And lost.
Ashamed he went to Dorn Rockheart himself petitioning as a loyal employee for shelter for his soon to be homeless family. Dorn agreed that Radis should bear the weight of his foolishness not his family and to cover the debt.
The price would be high. A 50 year banishment from the bosom of the clan with all profits and designs made during forfit to the Rockheart Co. In return the family home would not transfer and the shameful story kept private.

Radis is in the early months of his second year of banishment. He travels to find drink and solace.

Starting Equipment

Fine clothes
Artisans apron
Bearskin cloak
Runic Great hammer
Small forge hammer
Engraving tools
Small cross bow
3 copper ingots
1 iron ingot

Special Skills

Arcane and mechanical design and construction.

Darkest Secret

Radis secretly hopes his father does not survive too see him home from his banishment. He is too ashamed to face him. He drinks to forget.

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