Cursed Magicks

Theo could tell the elf was weakening, just a few more moments and his leverage would sour. He held his ground as she threatened him again, his time saying he would be cursed if he died.
A dark elf.
Fury twisting his face, he eventually threw Luna to the ground, then slowly making his retreat while taking his lost blade.
"I leave you now, but know you have made an enemy that will never stop hunting you."
A weak threat for sure, but he couldn't risk taking them all on at once.
When he thought himself clear, he turned to run, an arrow sinking into the rock near his face. Turning, he saw the archer, giving him a smug grin before turning to the others.
"A human you may be, but you will be the last I kill."
With a defeated huff, he ran out of range of pursuit to heal his wounded pride.

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