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Summary: Immortal fool and bastard son of Loki the thrice cursed.


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Gender: Male

Age: Immortal

Group: None Player Characters


Half Jotun




Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Skin painted to match his clothing, he appears as a court fool. Though always appearing as a man, tall and rakish, all else about him seems to shift and change at his whim.

Personality and interests

Wild and unpredictable he is easily bored and often cruel. He loves a new tune or an interesting riddle and will aid those in need should they entertain him. He is also just ask likely to slit their throats or turn them into something unspeakable for the sheer thrill of it.


It is known that Harlequin, or the Harlequin is the bastard son of the god Loki and a human woman. The identity of his mother is unknown. He is the closest thing to a god that walks upon the land of Midgard and he wants to keep it that way.
Harlequin was a child during the Ragnarok so knows little of his father and has never ventured beyond the borders of Midgard.

Starting Equipment


Special Skills

Distort Reality - Harlequin is a powerful Sorcerer
Performance - He has a flare for the dramatic

Darkest Secret

His Mother

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Image of Harlequin
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